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Owen Alexander

Relationship Manager - Sydney

Unlike purchasing a pair of U.S size 9 New Balance sneakers online, design investment requires knowledgeable guidance from a professional whom we trust can deliver on the promise of exceptional customer service.  Owen’s role is to be your P4 resource, to the point that you’ll never wish to go anywhere else.

According to his very own Siri, Owen Alexander is many things: a lover of all animals, musician, composer and avid chef. More importantly, Owen is Products for People’s new Sydney based Relationship Manager, working to offer his experience and expertise as a design resource for P4’s design community.  At P4, Owen lives to give people fast responses with info they need to make their decision having a particular proclivity to commercial furniture design and the correct use of materials.

When he’s not working as a human design encyclopaedia, he can be found with his two cats on a hot summer day, indulging in his favourite vices including sucking down a Berri Quelch fruit ice stick, eating icecream (his favourite food) or floating in an inflatable donut in the pool.  

Owen is a strong believer that design is what defines us, and works hard to bring the people-driven philosophies of the P4 brand to life. 

You can contact Owen HERE.


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