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3 Reasons Why Modular Furniture is the Way Forward

Offering plenty of flexibility and innumerable opportunities for reconfiguration, modular furniture answers some of the most pressing design needs of commercial environments. 

Modular furniture is furniture that can be disassembled or reconfigured based on usage or the needs of a space. But, with the popularity of multipurpose/modular furniture on the rise, it begs the question why?


1: Spaces are shrinking

With modular furniture, there is an opportunity for multiple arrangements, in turn transforming smaller rooms into more comfortable and versatile spaces.


2: It’s cost-effective

Within commercial environments, the components of a modular system can be reconfigured based on the organisation’s changing needs, implying that businesses don’t have to reinvest in new furniture so often.


3: Easy to accommodate activity-based work

Modular furniture facilitates agile, activity-based work while maintaining a seamless aesthetic throughout the space. Employees and visitors also benefit from both privacy and openness, depending on the product’s configuration.

If you’re on the lookout for modular furniture that adds a functional yet versatile punch to your spaces, read on for our list of favourite products.


US by Boss Design

US is a functional and modular lounge system that seamlessly blends corporate needs with hospitality style. Thanks to its numerous reconfigurable elements, agile and collaborative work corners, even spaces for breaking out can be created easily.

Completely manufactured in Australia, feel free to choose from a wide range of suitable locally available fabrics, whilst the timber legs are crafted using solid Vic Ash or optional American Oak.


Tyro 1


Stone by True

Also manufactured under licence in Australia, Stone is made up of eight upholstered elements in an assortment of sizes and shapes. The Island composition has a central backrest, making it ideal for agile working, foyers, lofts and even spaces dedicated to wellness and relaxation. A linking system, known as True Link, securely locks each module with the other, ensuring safety for those seated and ultimate flexibility.


True Design Stone


Code by True

Designed by Parisotto + Formenton, Code is a collection of pouffes and maxi pouffes enhanced with backrests and integrated tables. This ergonomic and informal seating system is represented using simple geometric signs and can be integrated into domestic, work or waiting spaces. As a reconfigurable product, Code can be used for solo seating or even for shared moments like reading and conversation.  Code will be proudly manufactured in Australia from September 2019.


True Design CODE design Parisotto + Formenton3 


BOB by Bla Station

BOB is an award-winning sofa system that allows innumerable arrangement opportunities, even with the least number of modules. Upholstered in Australia, BOB can be built with both straight lines or soft curves and works well to integrate into any kind of space. Some interesting versions of the BOB sofa include, 360, Airport, BOB Job Collection, Pouffe, Easy Chair, Corner Sofa and Moon ottoman.


Bob Job Light Inspire 15


We love BOB Job. As a sofa system that can be configured in any way imaginable, it feels like the ultimate answer for a casual and creative workspace. The collection also includes tables, lighting, and shelves as well as padded partitions for facilitating privacy during face-to-face meetings.

Cut 2


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