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A Polish Icon Joins P4's Collection

The story of 366 Concept begins in the mid-20th century, Poland, when designer Józef Chierowski created a chair that would go on to become a symbol of mid-century design - the 366 Armchair. His creation was not only stylish but also remarkably comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic design and carefully selected materials. In 2014, 366 Concept decided the time was ripe to bring these pieces back into the contemporary context, exclusively securing Józef Chierowski's original drawings and allowing a new generation to appreciate the beauty and functionality of Chierowski's creations. We love supporting 366 Concept’s clear mission to honour the traditional craftsmanship and innovation of the original designs whilst implementing modern-day materials and production techniques.

Check out some of our favourite pieces below:


366 Armchair

An icon of Polish Design and 366 Concept's namesake piece, the 366 Armchair was originally designed in 1962 by Józef Chierowski and re-issued in 2014 by 366 Concept under an exclusive license.




Petite Sideboard 1050

Originally designed in 1962, Poland, 366 Concept has reissued the iconic Petite Sideboard 1050 for contemporary audiences to enjoy its unparalleled functionality and timeless aesthetics.



Fox Lounge

Adapted by 366 Concept to suit human economics of the 21st century, the Fox Lounge has carried design favour since its origin in the 1960s. Initially established as the 300-190 Armchair called "Lisek", the design could be found in almost every cafe and club in Poland, second in popularity only to the 366 Armchair.




200-190 Chair

An undisputed Icon of the 1960s,  this contemporary re-edition of the 200-190 Chair was given a new lease of life by 366 Concept in 2016 with a design that seamlessly combines the subtlety of Art Deco aesthetics and the economy of Danish style.



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