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4 Minutes With ... Francesco Favaretto!

Favaretto & Partners is a design studio that focuses on industrial design and interior architecture, founded by Paolo Favaretto in 1973 in Padua. This year celebrating its 45th anniversary, it's pretty clear that time cannot weary this brand as it continues to innovate with aplomb at Salone this year. Curiosity, tenacity and passion for research continues to characterise the brand's special orientation to design, but couple this with Favaretto & Partners' collaboration with companies throughout the world and the studio emerges as one of the most unflappable innovators in contemporary design.Exhibiting a range of new products for True Design, Estel, Gaber and Segis, we caught up with Francesco Favaretto to find out his unique take on the direction that the brand's creative practice will head in the near future.


What key ranges or products are you exhibiting at Salone this year?

Whether in sofa form, chairs, armchairs or tables, we're exhibiting more than one of each and in different kinds of actions this year! We're looking forward to celebrating our work with True Design, Estel, Gaber and Segis, and can't wait to show everyone at Salone these latest collaborations.


skizzo SHO Truedesign Francesco Favaretto


Were these products designed for a specific need or sector in mind?

Of course! We always design for a specific need and sector each time. Industrial design is a serious job and it cannot be as 'trend-driven' as the fashion industry.


Can you briefly describe the design intent behind them?

For the SHO sofas collection and Cloud tea table collection designed for True Design, the initial ideas sprung from the desire to design something that is exceptionally comfortable and aesthetically light. At the same time, though, we wanted it to carry a sense of gravitas and a generous form. In this, I mean something soft, big, and plush but with a great aesthetic and polite lines. Something impressive but kindly...something like a teddy bear...big and impressive but really nice and good. We love all the cultural aspects of the other traditions and sometimes we start from this wellspring. But with respect to structure, they are composed of different layers of cut foam, each with different densities for ultimate comfort.

Sho Truedesign 08 Francesco Favaretto

What is the personality of your brand?



What is the trait you appreciate most in an object of design?

Functionality first of all.


And, what is the trait you deplore most in an object of design?

Un-useful design.

skizzo CLOUD Truedesign Francesco Favaretto


What is the trait you appreciate most in a designer?

For me, there are three: curiosity, passion and innovation.


And what is a trait you deplore the most in a designer?

Hmmm ... it's is not my business!


What does design happiness mean?

For us do what we do! I completely in love with our work so... happiness means to love what we do!


Cloud Truedesign 02 Francesco Favaretto

Aside from your own, which stands at Salone do you always visit?

Of course, I will visit the best brands for understanding the new directions of design conversations in certain sectors, and even emerging trends in the material form. This year I would like take more time to visit the Fuorisalone. After a while, I find that I need to clean my mind after so much of furniture and visit something a little more "easy".


Do you have a favourite restaurant in Milan?

They're all incredible so it's too hard to choose one.


What’s the best local secret you’ve discovered?

I think that I am yet to find it!

Sho Truedesign 07 Francesco Favaretto


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