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4 Minutes With ... Parisotto+Formenton

In the bustling halls at the Salone, we found time to meet with Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton, the architects and designers behind Parisotto+Formenton, to talk about the duo’s latest offerings for True.


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Tell us about your new products for True

Massimo Formenton (pictured left): The very newest product is the Blade table. It’s a big table for working, co-working, a meeting room, or simply a common table. We have designed a very simple table, very flat and very light. I love the detail, it’s a little bit vintage.


"We have designed a very simple table, very flat and very light." – Massimo Formenton


Another new product this year is a small, wooden stool, called Tod. It’s a solid wood stool, produced in dark oak, light oak, and a range of five colours. It’s a very easy and fun product.


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What is your design process? Do you sketch?

A lot of our ideas come from architecture, we are not actually industrial designers. We design architecture. So when we think of a product, we think about the space, the function. Can the product be formed through the need of a project?           

For example, when we designed the Blade table, we thought about the lightness of a table. We wanted to have a very light table with a thin top and a metal structure. The outcome is a very easy, very flexible product that can fit any space.


True Blade ParisottoFormenton3


We like to work with metal, and we like to work in the details. The detail is a big part of the product for us. This is always the main idea.

For example, when we worked on the Wing table, we thought about the shape of the top. We wanted to have a very comfortable, ergonomic shape. We also wanted to have a spot to have a small tray or insert a lot of accessories. Such as an acoustic panel, lighting or shelves.  




As architects, how is designing a product different to designing a building?

For us, the approach is the same. At the beginning of a project, we think about the space, building space for the people, for living, for working, for everything. And after that, we are imagining the space with the furniture. Even when we think about the product, we still think about the space.


"The detail is a big part of the product for us." – Massimo Formenton


Can you talk about your collaboration with True?

Yes, it’s a fantastic operation because I met Alessandro and Lorenzo Maniero (the founders of True) about four years ago. I have a good relationship with Alessandro because we have the same passion, sailing.

From there, they gave us this big opportunity to collaborate. Over the last three years, we have developed a good collection. Today's collection is more completed and very versatile because we have a range of tables and seating for workspaces. And now the collection is growing into living spaces too.


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