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A Case For The Lobby Space

First impressions often have a lasting impact. Take the case of the humble hotel or office lobby. Serving as spaces that offer the first point of contact between businesses and their employees, clients or guests, a well-designed lobby or waiting area often sends out a powerful message about a company’s identity and branding. By just walking through the front door of an office tower or hotel building, guests or clients are able to get a strong sense of the company’s culture.

But, how do you design a lobby area that sparks an immediate connection and gives your brand distinctive appeal?

Surprisingly, the answer lies in your seating and furniture selections. The right furniture not only makes your clients feel welcome but also contributes towards a better mood and ambience. Read on for inspiration of the latest office seating to help you step up the lobby experience for your guests and clients. 



Functional, flexible and available in a wide range of colours and finishes, this striking seating system by True is an obvious nod to creating versatile seating in lobby areas. Modern yet minimal, Millepiedi’s USP lies in its ability to be moulded into many shapes creating unique seating possibilities. For instance, it could be configured into a 5-segment circular bench with optional tables on the sides. Alternatively, as a three-seat bench or a smaller two-seat bench with side tables, making it ideal for mobile working.


top view panchi bue A3resolution



Composed of 8 upholstered elements connected together and anchored by a central backrest, Stone by True is a comfortable, sink-in island-style seating that is ideal for large office foyers and waiting areas in hotels and wellness centres.

Developed by Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli, each module uses a clip system to stay connected with the other. The design also offers flexibility regarding fabric and colour choices ensuring the look aligns with your lobby’s overarching interior theme.


Stone Inspire 1



The modular Myriad by Boss Design takes flexible and reconfigurable seating to an all new level. With 11 linkable seating units, three privacy screens, side tables and arms, Myriad throws open many seating options for office lobbies, ranging from comfortable meeting areas, huddle spaces, islands or even individual seating. In addition to its flexible form, you also have the choice of selecting from a range of upholstery and colour options to inject punch, flavour and personality to your lobby spaces.


boss myriad Inspire4



When you’re selecting furniture for your waiting areas, comfort is vital. Take BOB by Blå Station for example. Developed by Thomas Bernstrand & Stefan Borselius, this award-winning seating system spells ease and relaxation and yet its design is anything but conventional. With a free-flowing structure and modular make-up, the sofa can be tailored to fit in any space.

Unlike ordinary sofas that are typically only rectangular or square-shaped, BOB can be built straight, with curves like a boomerang or in any shape of your choice. In fact, the design now incorporates a few new elements to allow for gentler curves and freestanding seating islands. Other seating alternatives are corner sofas, ottomans, easy chairs and even pouffes. Use the BOB Planner to get started on your own BOB sofa design.


BOB Inspire 7



The comfort afforded by Betty, Maxdesign's stunning armchair lounge by Christoph Jenni, is no coincidence: the shape of the padding evokes the softness of a cushion. 

Betty’s appeal lies in the ability to combine cushion-like shapes in a single uniform structure, making it an obvious choice when individual seating is the preference for your lobby or foyer space.  And let's face it, we don't always want to sit next to someone else, do we?




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