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The Appia Range In Focus

There seems to be a constant juxtaposition of design and functionality when it comes to chairs. However, Maxdesign and Christoph Jenni have been able to fuse design and functionality into the Appia chair range miraculously well. With a consistent dedication to ergonomic research by Maxdesign, the brand’s collaboration with Christoph Jenni makes the Appia chair range the perfect combination of style, functionality and versatility.


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Maxdesign is renowned for its attention to detail in contemporary yet highly-functional and user-friendly furniture designs, while Christoph Jenni embodies minimalist design ideals. The collaboration between two very distinct styles of design perspectives has delivered the Appia range, which showcases both a simple, minimalistic chair structure while also preserving the vivid colours that Maxdesign presents so well.


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Finding the perfect chair that is comfortable, and can be placed in diverse spaces while still looking beautiful is a challenge. Whether you are looking for chairs for an office or a chic café, Appia offers a variety of options including stools and work chairs to suit different purposes and spaces.


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Additionally, Appia also comes in a variety of different coloured metal frames, or wooden and upholstery seats, catered to your desired taste and style. Almond green, oxido red and plaster, are just a few of the colours that you can choose from for the metallic frames. Colour is so crucial to creating the right overall aesthetics. The magic of colour is how it can refine the overall ambience of a room. Whether you choose an almond green upholstery or a black oak wooden finishing, these colours will give a sense of character to any space.


Appia+AppiaWork Moodboard


Robust materials are a strong feature of the Appia range – the frame is made from die-cast aluminium. A carefully-crafted and beautiful design made suitable for indoors and also outdoors (depending on the upholstery used). It is durable, resistant in most environments, and also recyclable. Needless to say, this is a timeless design, made with quality materials making for a multi-functional and versatile product.


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The creativity carried out by Maxdesign and Christoph Jenni to create the Appia range has earned them various awards worldwide. Featured in the Editor’s Picks of the Orgatec 2016, which was described as ‘simple designs presented stylishly’.


AppiaWork 03


Christoph Jenni was also nominated for Excellent Swiss Design in 2015, for his creation of the Appia 5041. The accomplishments of the Appia chair range has proven that Maxdesign and Christoph Jenni have truly mastered the concept of ‘design meets functionality’ on a whole new level. 


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