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Are Desks Getting Smaller or Bigger with Agile Working?

The beauty of agile working and an ever-growing amount of technology means that people can pretty much work from anywhere. So where does that leave traditional desks and workstations?

You’ve heard the catch cries of agile working – flexibility, freedom to work anywhere and a full range of spaces to just pull up a chair and get on with things. 

There’s no denying that we’re in an age of ever-increasing technology and as such different working methods are making their way into popularity. Whether it’s taking a laptop and setting up in a pod or comfortable chair, or opting for something more traditional – designers are on the front foot when it comes to creating adaptable and agile working environments. 

In this age of changing work modes, it’s only natural that our desks and work surfaces are changing as well. 


Standing Tall

We’ve seen an increase in the use of taller tables (not to be confused with sit-stand desk options), rather bar height tables that help facilitate informal meetings or short bursts of work.


Agent High 3


Agent by Boss Design typifies this idea. Although it comes in a standard table height version, the high table option can be used in break out areas or strategically placed in-between the more traditional workstation zones.

These tall table options are perfect for those quick WIP meetings – BYO laptop and away you go.


A Comfortable Interlude

Another spot that can be commandeered for an alternative desk option is a comfy chair. And if it comes with an integrated table then even better.

Sometimes a change of scene from the usual desk can create a productive burst of work. Even by having a slightly different posture and different aspect to look out to can help to facilitate getting tasks crossed off the list.


Ahus Inspire 2


Whether on a laptop, tablet or phone, these comfier chair options could also be counted as a new type of desk surface.

Comfortable and compact, the Ahus B30 by Blå Station (with the side table) can be used in breakout spaces, offering the opportunity for workers to simply perch and plough through some work. 

For something more enveloping the Cega by Boss Design creates an insular environment for making phone calls or short bursts on a phone or tablet.  


 Cega Inspire 3


Whether or not our desk surface areas are in fact bigger or smaller, one thing is certain, there are now many different types of tables that can encourage different types of work. 



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