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Blå Station Goes to Stockholm

Blå Station's trademark playfulness and search for products that demonstrate a new attitude towards shape, function, material was on full display at the 2023 Stockholm Furniture Fair, with innovative designs for the modern workplace environment sitting front of mind. Along with more decorative products to liven up any space, the renowned BOB collection grew by three at the fair - adding even more versatility to the already desirable range.


BOB | Solo

Designed for focused work in today's flexible workplace, BOB | Solo can easily be kept close by or left free to roam about independently on its own. You can forget the tripping hazards of extension cords thanks to a detachable power bank that charges smartphones and laptops wirelessly, as well as light up the BOB Light Mini.⁠

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BOB | Biz

For an intensive face-to-face meeting, a social chat, or a brainstorming session, BOB | Biz can be fully customised to suit you - all you need to do is add the BOB | Biz partitions at your desired length. "BOB | Biz can be a space for 2 people, for 4, for 6... you can just keep adding it longer and longer" says one half of the BOB design duo Thomas Bernstrand.



BOB | Corner

When BOB encounters a corner, a hairpin bend might not be enough - enter BOB | Corner, bringing the ability of sharp 90° corners to the BOB sofa system and solving a common customer request. Embrace greenery with easy integration of plant arrangements and customise even further with easily insertable tables.

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You've seen Maximus, now meet Max!⁠ ⁠ After releasing Maximus - Johan Ansander’s playful and iconic easy chair - in 2021, Blå Station has created Max - the dressed up version of Maximus. If Maximus was softly shaped in massive wood, Max offers soft comfort fully clothed with a springy lushness.⁠

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Turn warmly welcomes decoration back into the design world, an ode to baroque art and more embellished styles relegated to history by the modernist movement.⁠ Turn is very content in the hybrid workspace, easily reconfiguring any space to highlight objects, use as a coffee table, form a small surface for individual work or bring about social interactions among people.





Light and nimble, Johan Ansander's OM is reminiscent of classic furniture designs by the hands of Michael Thonet and Alvar Aalto with its simplicity and ingenious way of shaping wood.⁠ "My aim was to offer a generous seating experience with very few components, and with the backrest as one visually open piece," says designer Johan Ansander



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