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Blå Station turns 30!

Blå Station celebrates its 30th birthday this year with the milestone marking the Swedish furniture designers’ enduring legacy and an exciting place to look to the future.



Founded in 1986 by Borge Lindau, Blå Station takes its name from the initials of Lindau and the Swedish coastal town, Åhus, where the Blå Station factory resides. With a vision to create products that push boundaries, Lindau set the ‘station’ up in a building that was previously a sewing factory, allowing the multi-use spaces to also act as occasional art exhibitions and jazz concerts. The hustle and bustle that ensued reminded Lindau of the ceaseless activity of a station, and so the name Blå Station was adopted: “at a station, there’s always something going on – a constant flow of change.”

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This ethos of endless evolution, exploration, and experimentation is at the heart of Blå Station, as well as a commitment to ensuring only the highest calibre of Swedish manufacturing, with all construction taking place in Sweden. Beginning with the OBlådo series, and continuing with the sleek and ultra-slim Poppe chair, Blå Station is driven to “keep searching, not for the already known and established, but for the unexpected, yet-to-be discovered.”

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In celebration of their 30 year anniversary, Blå Station has launched their anniversary easy chair, the Åhus chair which perfectly embodies their playful design style and emphasis on comfort. Compact and minimalist in design, the Åhus is a perfect blend of modern style with a timeless aesthetic. Along with this, they unveiled their newest showroom in Sweden’s Stockholm, the newest home for their striking designs.

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As Blå Station moves onto the next frontier, their vision for the future is to continue pushing themselves to break design convention and feed their hunger for intriguing, but quality, design. “Sustainability and environmental awareness, new technologies, new materials, and new machinery are important foundations and building blocks for us,” they say when speaking of the future, “We want high quality and a well-thought process. We never take shortcuts.”


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Good design, for Blå Station, is at the top of their wishlist.

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