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It’s a Win for Blå Station!

For the past two years at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, a group of renowned European design editors have lent their curatorial eye to the A+D world to celebrate cutting-edge design. And, thanks to some of Europe’s leading design publications, the 2017 Stockholm Jury did not disappoint. From Dezeen’s Maarcus Fairs, Frame’s Robert Thiemann, Intramuros’ Chantal Hamaide and Yatzer’s Costas Voyatzis, it was a unanimous decision that Swedish design remains at the forefront of innovative A+D.


Introducing 2017 Stockholm Furniture Fair Winner for Best Product: Blå Station’s BOB


But while Swedish design might seem a little too distanced from our shores, this year’s Best Product is a lot closer to home than one might think. Applauded for uniting a striking aesthetic with ultimate flexibility – across commercial and residential environments - Blå Station’s BOB sofa system designed by Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius is bound to be just as popular in Australia as it is in Stockholm.

Bob 002

Blå Station’s winning BOB will continue to impress design-hunters nation-wide. Fuelled by curiosity and a need to push beyond the known parameters of design-thinking, BOB’s innovative modular typology has been rightly selected by the 2017 Stockholm Jury for an impressive approach to the possibility for interior design architecture.



As a sofa system providing a seemingly limitless degree of flexible options, BOB is the sum of a number of possible modules. Eschewing squareness, rectilinear modular construction and the predictability of modular design, BOB’s embrace of architectonic freedom challenges spaces that have heretofore carried strict furnishing boundaries. By adding a hairpin bend or a right angle turn, for instance, BOB’s form can easily undulate throughout a myriad of spaces – wide, narrow, long, short, circular, formless, formal and informal.


With the added benefit of lacking a ‘reverse’ or ‘back’ side, the sofa system is omnidirectional. Each module component measures at 26cm along the widest part – an elegant solution to integrated componentry that can continue to grow alongside the needs of either its space or end-users.

Bob Soffa 020 

Undeniably, both P4 and the 2017 Stockholm Jury recognise an especial quality in Blå Station’s orientation to design. By responding, initially, to the interiors that surround us – their construction and the patterns of behavioural user-psychology which they promote – Blå Station’s design-thinking incorporates every aspect of what it means for us all to truly ‘live in design’: intelligence, innovation, comfort and continual growth.


The team at P4 wishes to congratulate Blå Station on their recent win for BOB at the 2017 Stockholm Furniture Fair. Well done!



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