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One Brand Wanted To Bring ‘TRUTH’ To Salone’s Design Conversations. Here’s How They Did It.

True to the company's design premise, ‘True’, a forward-thinking collective, again bucked conventional design at Salone del Mobile this year, with the new collection ‘True Goes Through’.

Under the creative eye of Art Director Aldo Parisotto, the entirely new range of products, released alongside a suite of additional colour palette and upholstery alternatives, combines the innovative architectural minds of Favaretto & Partners, E-ggs Design, Parisotto+Formenton, Baldanzi & Novelli, Mario Tessarollo, Defne Koz and Marco Susani, Leonardo Rossano and Orlandini Design in this long-awaited collaborative project.

After being unveiled in Milan this year, it was clear that the collective of designers had drawn great inspiration from the theme of  the 57th Salone:  La natura dell’abitare - or, Living Nature.

Many of the pieces in the collection replicate the organic lines and purposeful function of the natural world, suiting a variety of commercial interior spaces. It is with this notion that True Design continues to rise above tradition and push expectation, opening up entirely new market sectors and demographics.

One such example of this versatility comes from Favaretto & Partners in the form of SHO, a soft and non-threatening modern armchair, which offers a two-part support with a linear outer shell that gives way to plush comfort.


True Sho FavarettoPartners




Options for differing backrest heights allow this piece to suit any space. The same can be said of Favaretto & Partners versatile CLOUD side table system.


True Cloud FavarettoPartners



Other pieces like the aptly named STONE system, by Baldanzi & Novelli,  affords the user design freedom by being able to configure variously sized ottomans to work as a cohesive whole. This brings a sinuous fluidity to a foyer interior, or individually, for a smooth, modern addition to any space.


True Stone BaldanziNovelli



Leonardo Rossano’s TIZIO e CAIO offers a unique and functional side table with a versatility and collaborative nature that makes it perfectly suited to a variety of interior spaces.  Complete with removable tray.


True TizioECaio LeonardoRossano



Further collaborative pieces also come in the form of the thin and light versatile shelving system ETHRIO (Mario Tessarollo), which can be configured to fill, fit or complement any interior environment.


True Ethrio MarioTessarollo



PATCH (Defne Koz, Marco Susani) is a multi-functional collection of sound-absorbing, rotating discs suitable for use as dividing partitions in the home and office, and sound and privacy barriers in busy, high-traffic areas.





This collection also sees the reprisal of past classics, in the NOT Lounge and NOT Mini versions of the popular NOT family by E-ggs Design. The NOT Lounge is a comfort-focused lounge chair that carries with it the distinct contoured shell and ergonomic function of NOT chairs past.


True NotMini EggsDesign

NOT Mini


True NotLounge EggsDesign

NOT Lounge



New options for various backrest heights, revolving base, or additional ottoman, allow this piece opportunity for use in various spaces. The compact shell of the NOT Mini and the clean, organic design of the ARCA Mini (Orlandini Design) carries through the aesthetic and practicality of the larger predecessors, with a new timber base and a lighter polypropylene swivel base with lower price-point.


True ArcaMini OrlandiniDesign



Parisotto+Formenton present BLADE, a versatile table system with various tabletop options and finishes to suit both personal and professional settings, complemented by the modular cabinet ARCHIMEDES 6, and modern TOD stools, which all carry the same lightness, practicality, and archetypal language of the True Goes Through collection.

True Tod ParisottoFormenton green



True Blade2 ParisottoFormenton



With some models available now and the others not far away, the new collection True Goes Through 2018 is an exciting addition to True’s design portfolio, opening doors to other market sectors, and allowing True Design to continue innovating in the contemporary workspace sector.


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