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Disrupting the Traditional Waiting Room

The humble waiting area is now home to a multitude of activities ranging from social interaction, relaxation to work collabs. Read on to find out more about furniture that supports these evolving spaces.


With technological advancements and the rise of telecommuting, waiting areas in offices are evolving into informal and comfortable spots where employees can work independently, away from their desks and without losing mobility. Even the hotel lobby, which is usually reserved as the first touchpoint for a guest at a hotel, is assuming a brand-new avatar. By metamorphosing into a space that feels versatile enough for both business and leisure, lobbies much like office waiting areas are assuming the character of the ‘third space’.

In response to the changing nature of these waiting areas, the demand for flexible and adaptable furniture is also on the rise. These furniture pieces have the ability to create a communal workspace, accommodate a shared meeting area or just create a relaxing spot to grab a coffee in, ensuring the waiting area can be transformed effortlessly depending on the need at hand.



This modular bench system by True is inspired by biogenetics. With a design mimicking the DNA helix, the construction of this bench is second to none. DNA boasts of a single section of curved and shaped plywood with Oak veneer that has been mirrored in design to create multiple seating configurations. The resultant effect is mind-boggling; the seating succeeds in lending both style and comfort to any space.




Designed by Blå Station, Pocket is a comfortable multipurpose chair offering an elegant storage solution. The chair impresses with its cup-like shell that expands upwards holding those seated in a cosy embrace. The base is made up of short and sturdy legs with a storage space included underneath. Ideal for both workplace collabs and casual meetings, the chair makes for a fitting addition in hotel lobbies, waiting areas, bars or restaurants.


Pocket Sketch

Pocket ad10 NEW


Betty HB

Maxdesign’s Betty chair is the epitome of comfort with padding that evokes the softness of a cushion. Betty is made up of a combination of cushion-like shapes within a single uniform structure, making it ideal for spaces where people seek comfort during a busy and hectic day.


Betty Inspire



Designed with soft lines, Wilmer by Blå Station is a multi-functional easy chair that provides a fitting response to the multitasking way of life. The chair comes finished in bright chrome, black lacquered steel and the choicest range of upholstery fabrics to lend personality and pizzazz to waiting areas.




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