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Here's Why 'Acoustics' Was One Of This Year's Biggest Design Trends

Think about your office. Think about your monitor with the post-its stuck 'just-so' around the frame, the neat ‘To Do’ list in your notebook, the satisfying fan of pens in your pen cup. Sounds like a haven of productivity, right? Now think about your chatty desk mate, the noisy eater two desks over, or the constant whir of Sarah-from-Accounts’ under-desk exercise bike. Still sound like a great place for getting work done? Probably not.


In today’s open plan workspaces, which are constantly abuzz with activity and sound, acoustic management is more important than ever. Although suited to the social working habits and flexible needs of a millennial workforce, they are often lacking in quiet places for people working individually. And reducing excessive noise is not merely a question of comfort or preference. The Centre for Health Design cites poor acoustical attenuation in a workspace as a leading cause of stress, increased feelings of fatigue and work-related pressure, emotional exhaustion and burnout, and communication difficulties.


Per Safework NSW, noise in “fast-paced” work environments that “[demand] attentiveness” must be capped at 70dB; for environments requiring “high concentration or effortless restriction” this limit is lowered to 50dB. Yet Safe Work Australia reports that 4700 WorkCover claims for noise-induced hearing loss are lodged each year. How can contemporary offices combat the very real risks posed by poor noise management, when activities ranging from quiet, individual work to one-on-one catch-ups and group brainstorming sessions are indispensible?


Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Our range of acoustic management products takes noise attenuation and turns it on its head, delivering outstanding reductions in workplace sound with the panache you’ve come to expect from P4 products.


Recent additions to our range include the exciting selection of world-leading acoustic Office PODS. Officebricks’ 2018 Professional Series, which provide a convenient plug-and-play solution to excessive workplace noise are double-walled, fully enclosed structures with their own floors and ceilings. Officebricks pods offer unrivalled sound reductions of up to -45dB. The patented Officebricks modules slot together easily without drilling, adhesives, or screwing, offering two-way sound insulation and privacy both in and outside of the pod.

 Officebricks PhoneUnit 2


For a more permanent Office POD solution, we also have products from Boss Design (UK) and Universal Selecta (Italy).  Boss’s new Aspect pod collection are the ideal marriage of style and functionality. Crisp design lines frame 8mm glass doors and wall panels that can be customised in a wide selection of materials to complement contemporary offices of any style. The sleek pods are available in four different sizes to cater for both individuals and groups.

The stunning Chakra from Universal Selecta represents the pinnacle of engineering and design for this sector, also offering world leading -45dB noise reduction.  With a true passion for what they do, Chakra has the unmistakable and unrivalled Italian design edge that  sets it apart from all others.



Where space or design requirements make the use of a pod less than ideal, Pincettes by True are an eye-catching, practical choice. Instead of totally enclosing the user, the sculptural screens isolate and control unwanted sounds in gestural sweeps that can float above seats, act as a partition, or sit atop a desk. Alternatively, Mitesco panels from Caimi Brevetti combine patented Snowsound acoustic technology with a soft texture and rainbow of colours. As much a feature element as they are functional, Mitesco panels absorb and block unwanted sound to increase speech intelligibility and clarity of sound within partially enclosed spaces.

 PincettesCap inspire2

Still think acoustic management has to be boring? Think again. Acoustic panels get a makeover with Blå Station’s Gingko, hot-pressed polyester felt panels whose teardrop form is inspired by the gingko plant, a traditional Japanese symbol of resilience and peace. Gingko reduces ambient noise and echoes within a space and is conveniently mounted on magnetic fixings for easy installation and rearrangement. 


For help with your office noise problems, contact P4 today.


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