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Your workplace deserves the best. Introducing: Humanscale®

Function, simplicity, longevity and sustainability – four terms that shape the creative philosophy at Humanscale® Design Studio. Based in New York City, this award-winning studio of designers, engineers and protoypists has continuously delivered high-performing office solutions for nearly four decades. To Humanscale®, good design achieves more with less.

The 9-5 regime has undergone a metamorphosis – where a new-age model of a wellness-centred office culture has taken place. With longer hours and a higher demand for productivity comes a need for ergonomic products that support and improve the health and comfort of the working days.



Humanscale® reimagines the beauty in balancing aesthetics and functionality. A demonstration of artistic ingenuity, Humanscale’s® state-of-the-art office solutions include self-adjusting seating, sit/stand desks, monitor arms and task lighting. A working environment of creativity, productivity and socialising deserves a considered and desirable sophisticated design scheme – Humanscale® offers exactly that.

Humanscale® gives working environments an opportunity to elevate and enhance the office experience. Built on the pillars of an innovative culture and environmentally friendly practices, these products are more than just meets the eye. Imagine striking sculptural forms, superior materiality and luxurious comfort all in one piece of art – the perfect touch for the modern office.

The designers at Humanscale® look beyond the boundaries to meticulously craft works of . Engineered to support every individual with sophistication, simplicity and ease of use at the forefront, your employee only deserves the best ergonomic products on an everyday basis.

Freedom Trans 4


Not only have they reimagined the meaning of office furniture; the company is a powerhouse in long-lasting partnerships. Known for their collaborative heritage with legendary Niels Diffrient, the creator of the iconic Freedom Chair, and esteemed industrial designers, Don Chadwick and Don Bracher. Let’s be honest, the furniture speaks for itself. And when you have an impressive portfolio such as this – Humanscale® is the winning choice.


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P4 is extremely thrilled to be working with a revolutionary brand like Humanscale® to improve the health and wellbeing of the user. Artfully crafted for any office anywhere in the world, Humanscale® is the biggest game changer in the scene of workplace furniture and they’re here to make a change. 

Humanscale ® is available in Australia through P4. For more information on this brand, contact your nearest P4 showroom or click HERE.


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