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Introducing Mute Design

The art of silence might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking interior design, but as Poland-based acoustic furniture and product company, Mute Design attests, a balanced acoustic environment should always play a key role in contemporary interiors. 

While the new norm of open-plan working and living may foster collaboration, teamwork and togetherness, it can also create undesirable auditory environments where unwanted noise distracts and disturbs us from our day’s purpose. 


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A truly pioneering concept, the ethos of Mute Design is the belief that balanced acoustic environments can boost productivity, creativity and well-being in work spaces, as well as in places we live, meet and socialise. Not so much a shift away from open-plan interiors, but a way to reduce noise and create fluid movement between public and private spaces.


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Individually, Mute’s pieces aren’t tied to any one style, nationality or even time period – think bold, primary colours and shapes reminiscent of the sixties meets sleek, edgy design with stylish contemporary touches. If open plan spaces are considered ‘dated’, Mute Design products are the epitome of timeless. Mute Design quite literally marries the not-so-exciting concept of noise reduction with enduring, sustainable design – perfect for offices, living spaces, restaurants, schools and libraries alike. 


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Striking the balance between form and function, Mute Design pieces are created in collaboration with an acoustic sound laboratory alongside renowned designers and architects, developed to be the best in market at absorbing, blocking or diffusing unwanted noise. The result? Spaces with an air of time used more efficiently, of life lived more simply. Imagine a piece of art that was actually a sound absorbing panel. Yes we know, awesome.


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Be it soundproof phone booths, easy to transport office ‘walls’, or the discreet, graphic and fluid design of the ‘Shell’, Mute Design pieces feature the best absorbing materials to deliver maximum performance. Mute Design’s offering is a true game changer that will reshape the world of commercial design.

Silence Delivery by Mute Design is available in Australia through P4. Contact our team for more information or to see the product up close yourself.


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