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Is Your Workplace Ready?

The pandemic has drastically shifted expectations of a workplace’s purpose, and for most offices that means a re-evaluation on how the space can support the autonomy of their employees.

We see the offices of today as spaces that shouldn’t enable, not dictate, and evolve with the workers that use them. Connection is at the core of these new agile workplaces where the landscape should support the autonomy of employees - providing different work points to explore individual productivity. Think lounges that accommodate both social catch ups and creative ideation, small break out spaces to house hybrid meetings, and seamlessly integrated technology throughout. We appreciate no two spaces are the same and people use spaces differently – design should be flexible, and in a post-Covid world agility is key. Read on to see our picks for adapting your workplace for the future.


BOB Collection

Blå Station contends that work doesn't have to tie you to an office desk, and meetings don't need conference rooms. Soft, comfortable furnishings provide casual settings for social hubs craved by employees after their time of isolation, and technology that seamlessly works in with the environment is essential to give employees the flexibility to work in environments that suit them. All BOB variations can be integrated with power and USB connections – just let our team know of your tech requirements.

 Agile Workplaces BOB




Jetson is result of 18 months of innovative thinking, research and development, and the newest acoustic pod to join the Mute® family. With the blurring of virtual and physical work, employees need small break out spaces in addition to the aforementioned social hubs to accommodate these hybrid meetings. Jetson boasts a reduction of -26dB and is available in two models – Jetson S1 for one person, and Jetson L4 for up to four people.

Made of lightweight extruded aluminium Jetson is easy to move and adapt, reducing CO2 emissions in production and transportation and adding easy flexibility to any office space -making it the perfect alternative to fixed construction. 

Agile Workplaces Jetson 


Wall | Whiteboard

Areas that can be easily rearranged with varying levels of acoustic and visual privacy are key to ensure these open social hubs can quickly transform into creative work points. Wall by Mute® has been specifically designed for subtle acoustic assistance, blocking 15 decibels on average. With a silhouette that looks almost architectural, it's perfect for any area of your office where creativity thrives, and unwanted noise needs to be removed.

Agile Workplaces Wall Whiteboard



With our 'SoundBarrier' technology, Barrier incorporates premium acoustic materials from Autex Acoustics® to instantly transform any workplace or meeting space into a quiet zone - reducing unwanted noise and improving employees’ productivity & well-being.

Available in a range of sizes with the option of a leather strap for ease of movement, Barrier is unmatched sound attenuation and absorption properties.

Agile Working Story Images


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