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Keep Quiet And Carry On With Boss Design's Aspect Range

In the contemporary workplace, good design is the first line of defence against noisy offices. Adequate acoustic management enables the control of background noise and overall noise levels in a number of key ways.

First, it compartmentalises sound from meetings or phone calls to prevent its spread to surrounding areas.

Second, it absorbs reflected sound and speech to prevent annoying, incoherent reverb – a particular concern in today’s offices, which make ample use of polished concrete and other hard, non-attenuating surfaces.

Third, careful acoustic design blocks the transmission of sound around an open plan office, allowing workers to go about their days in contented, productive quiet.

Boss Design’s ASPECT series of acoustic pods does just this, providing freestanding, sound-insulated work and break out spaces. Available in four standard sizes, along with custom offerings, Aspect recognises the various work practices at play in the contemporary office, catering for solo workers, small groups and whole team meetings alike.

Sharp design lines frame 8mm glass doors and wall panels, which offer industry-leading noise suppression of up to 37dB. That means no more garbled overhead phone calls, no more noise spill from your desk mate’s earphones, and no distracting ambient noise when you’re rushing to meet a deadline.

Aspect achieves all of this with flair, adopting a clean, contemporary aesthetic that beguiles its high functionality. The unwaveringly modern pods can be personalised with a wide selection of fabrics and materials including cork, concrete, and wood panelling; as stylish as it is functional, Aspect makes a bold centrepiece within today’s open-plan office.

Aspect 3 and 4, the larger pods, can also be fitted with a power column profile, LED strip lighting, and an option for Boss Design’s unique ‘Select the Weather’ lighting system. Offering four modes – ‘Calm Down’, ‘Energise’, ‘Concentrate’, and ‘Stay Alert’ – Select the Weather combines the latest in commercial lighting design with careful acoustic control to create a truly user-centric workspace.


Up Close, Boss Design's ASPECT Collection



UplAspect 1 Work hub LR

Aspect 1 is the smallest of the four pods in the portfolio, also available in the Workhub upgrade. With an impressive noise suppression rating of up to 37dB, Boss Design continue to prove that they are  industry leaders in acoustics. Aspect 1's frameless 8mm glass panels and 8mm glass door panels also help increase soundproofing and speech privacy.




Aspect 2 is the second largest of the four pods in the Boss Design Aspect portfolio. User experience is the number one priority with each pod providing an advanced acoustic solution with an impressive noise suppression rating  – superior to other models available on the market.  As well as this, the LED strip lighting and Select The Weather features are new features to the pod, making it unique.




 Like Aspect 1 and 2, Aspect 3 features glass sides with minimal vertical aluminium extrusions, a new power column profile and an integral ceiling crown. To reduce the grid-like effect of a pod, large quadrant fabric wrapped ceiling tiles are incorporated in Aspect 3, with squared corners for a more contemporary look.




Aspect 4 is the largest of the four pods in the Boss Design Aspect portfolio. Like its smaller iterations, the user experience is the number one priority with Aspect 4, with each pod providing an advanced acoustic solution with an impressive noise suppression rating of up to 37dB.

Further to this high-performance feature, the entire Aspect range introduces different materials including cork, concrete, timber panelling and fabrics. Whoever said that an acoustic solution can't make a bold statement?!


Speak to the team at P4 to help provide an acoustic solution tailored to the unique needs of your team!



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