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How Does Maxdesign’s Max Reflect New Values In Contemporary Design?

Italian furniture brand Maxdesign used the 2018 Salone del Mobile to put forward an entirely new direction for the company and its approach to design. We're one year on and Max took the 2019 Salone del Mobile to showcase RE MAX. We explore how this entirely game-changing approach to design is a reflection of the larger state of contemporary design.


Max 22


2018 marked a change in the air for the world's largest furniture and design fair – Salone del Mobile – which has now joined in the global conversation acknowledging the future of holistic design. Part of that is taking into consideration its compatibility with ecologically sustainable practices. 

It was a conversation that Maxdesign was at the forefront of, having kept its Max release tightly under wraps until then.  


Max 23


Maxdesign’s showcase ‘Directions: Mapping the Product's Journey’ encapsulates the company's dedication to contemporary, user-friendly products and a visual lightness, which is mirrored in the Max range

The Italian brand has been operating successfully in the design space since the year 2000 and continues to push the scope of innovation further. With the changing face of modern A+D as well as contemporary workspaces, the company is continuing to evolve with the introduction of Max.


Max Moodboard


Comprised of both a chair and armchair, Christoph Jenni’s mix-and-match marvel focuses on a mantra of versatility and a unique approach to design, which incorporates extensive frame options along with shell colours and upholstery details for both models.

With six base options to choose from, both Max models include a variety of standard four-leg chair bases made from an eco-friendly timber. Sled and swivel-base options are available, in addition to others, which are all crafted with functionality and flexibility in mind.


Max 05


The shells, made from recycled organic polypropylene, serves both aesthetic and material function providing a harmonic interaction with the physical space and an interpretation of human values and needs.

The L-curve moulded shell marries natural, clean design and a minimalistic approach, with supreme ergonomic comfort for the user.

The chair shell seeks to offer a simple and sleek fluidity, where the armchair provides a stripped back, modern interpretation of the cumbersome armchair and features a dynamic cradle seat designed to support posture.


Max 09


RE MAX is a material innovation that is made exclusively by Maxdesign, featuring 100% recycled post-industrial polypropylene. Bringing this level of closed-loop design and consideration is a true reflection of where contemporary design is heading and shows that Maxdesign is well ahead of the curve.

Max's versatile and functional design pieces will be sure to appeal to a diverse range of clients and the complete collection of Max products is now stocked and available exclusively at P4.


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