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Maxdesign and P4 - A Lasting Partnership

When it comes to our brand partnerships we are very particular about only working with companies whose values align with our own and Maxdesign shares many of P4’s core principles and design philosophies. As our name suggests, people are at the heart of everything we do and all the products we sell have been designed around the end-user. Similarly, Maxdesign cites human well being as its fundamental objective and this is well and truly reflected in its exquisite designs. Through its strong commitment to ergonomic research, the company produces supremely comfortable furniture that can adapt to a range of activities - thereby enhancing productivity and happiness, especially in the workplace.

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Another reason that the Italian studio resonates so strongly with us is that it recognises the importance of evolving with the times. We currently live in a state of liquid modernity where, rather than being in a definitive era such as ‘modern’ or ‘post-modern’ we are constantly flowing between states of change. Development is fluid and continuous and no longer just a final goal. To this end, evolving with the market’s needs is high on Maxdesign’s agenda and the studio deals extremely well with today’s transformative nature of design.


How does Maxdesign achieve this?

Through constant research, colour studies, specialised production with innovative materials and collaborations with some of the most versatile talents on the creative scene. Indeed, since its inception in 2000, the brand has worked with many world-famous designers, teaming up with the likes of Tomas Alonso, Gabriele Pezzini, Hannes Wettstein and Christoph Jenni to name a few. 

Our ever-changing world, particularly the design world, has resulted in the boundaries between the public and private sphere being redefined. The commercial arena is taking cues from the residential and hospitality sectors and vice versa. Thus, modern furniture design needs to be much more versatile and multi-faceted than ever before and Maxdesign understands this better than most! Whilst still maintaining its signature look of ‘physical and visual lightness’, its range of tables, chairs and furnishings seamlessly cross the boundaries between sectors time after time. 


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Just look at the Offset collection by Tomas Alonso, for example - an ultra-flexible system of tables and modular units equally suitable for use at home, in the office and the contract furniture industry. Or its latest brainchild – the Betty range by Christoph Jenni, which plays on volumes and unique colour combinations. With its minimalist yet quirky shape, where padding evokes the plumpness of a cushion and all components are incorporated into a single, seamless structure, these chairs and ottomans are at once elegant, interesting and luxurious. Available in a range of textiles or leathers, they are just at home in a commercial setting as they are in a private residence.

Another example of Maxdesign’s versatility is the Stratos range by Studio Hannes Wettestein. Inspired by Italian automotive design, these sleek, ergonomic chairs have been designed around the concept that ‘just as a sheet of paper folded in half gains strength and consistency, so does the Stratos chair, which features a line running along the centre of the shell like a rib’. Like Betty, the collection successfully balances intrigue with elegance to create a look that’s both modern yet timeless; once again, a multi-purpose collection that will enliven offices, cafes and homes alike!  


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The common denominator throughout is universal shapes that blend in with any décor. And of course, just like P4, it goes without saying that two additional mainstays of the company’s production are its high quality and environmental sustainability.  This is reflected in Maxdesign’s use of recyclable and less-polluting materials as well as certifications obtained under the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, we believe that Maxdesign is an ideal brand partner - one that reflects everything we stand for. At P4, we see our purpose as improving the lives of others by curating a collection of human-centred brands and Maxdesign is crucial to achieving this. Just like us, they appreciate that there is so much more to a product than beauty; that real design expresses meaning and resonates with the user far beyond its looks.

This is why we are so thrilled to be Maxdesign's Exclusive Partner throughout Australia.


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