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Is It An Office Or A Café? A Look At The Crossover Furniture Trend

Much has been said about the blurring of typologies. Our workplaces are starting to steer away from the classic cubicle, and even the more recent open-plan style offices are coming under fire. But what is instigating this shift?

Considering that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, it becomes even clearer why our workplaces are slowly bringing in softer, more homely touches

What about other typologies creeping into the workplace? Along with the more homely touches filtering into the workplace, we’ve noticed that breakout areas are starting to look more akin to a trendy café or lounge-worthy bar. This is, of course, no coincidence. Not only does having an active social area help build team morale, it’s a sure way to retain talent. 

In addition, kitchenettes and break out areas provide the opportunity to get creative in your furniture selections.

To help with that process, we’ve picked out a few pieces from the P4 range that defy boundaries. These tables and chairs bring a level of universality; they would be just as comfortable in the newest café or bar hotspot, as well as offices' that are bringing a distinct hospitality vibe.




Babah by Chairs&More

With a curvaceous seat shell, which calls forth the kind of fondness many have for a classic school chair, Babah by Chairs&More is elevated in its execution through a fine attention to details. 

Upon another glance, a ribbed outer shell adds another layer of contemporaneity. Babah brings a distinctly retro vibe and would add a fun accompaniment to any office break out spot. It would also look just as at home in a brand new café hotspot.


BabahS ad5


Superkink by Blå Station

Superkink by Blå Station takes a traditionally tough-looking material and makes it appear soft. Rather than messy joins, the tubular steel frame expertly kinks on all the curves. 

Youthful in its aesthetic, Superkink makes for the perfect break out furniture. A lounging bar setting, or a comfortable and relaxing zone in among the more typical office scenarios. Superkink comes in a two-seater (S27) and single seater (S26), which means it can be styled into a welcoming arrangement.


SuperkinkS27 ad5


Superkink S26 Inspire 5


Ahus by Blå Station

The Ahus by Blå Station is a comfortable and compact easy chair. Its contemporary design would be as much at home in an elegant workplace breakout zone as it would in a chic bar.

Available with a small table option or without, the Ahus can be paired with larger lounges to create bespoke scenarios that break the boundaries of conventional typologies.


Inspire Image Ahus B30 13


Size by Blå Station

Size is a robust series of timber tables by Blå Station. Size can be specified into any dimension, as the name indicates. High, low, round or rectangular – this product can suit any type of environment to suit any kind of need, including dining-style table, low bench table or otherwise. 

Because of this flexibility, and that its classic design can be partnered with just about any chair, it can easily fit into a workplace or a hospitality space.


Size L905 L904 Lucky Inspire 1


Metro by Boss 

Metro is simple and effective – a timber frame with different coloured glass tabletop options – makes is a versatile option when creating homely hospitality breakout areas in an office. 

Coffee table and side table – Metro brings a clean and modern look to the workplace.


MetroCT 2


Pic by Maxdesign      

Standing on a tripod base, the epoxy-coated steel Pic table comes in two height options and a range of colours. With a modern design, it can match effortlessly with any number of chair or lounge options, making it suitable for just about any environment, from a workplace to a hotel. 

Pic ad2



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