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The Rise of Office Pods: How Are They Hitting The Mark in the Modern Workplace?

Open plan offices are noisy. We’ve all heard the gripes and read the studies. It’s a logical conclusion to come to when considering that walls help to dampen sound and also create areas of privacy in which to retreat.

But rather than build all those walls back up and push unnecessary hierarchy back into the workforce – we all know those coveted corner offices were saved for the top dog – fresh design solutions are instead adding the diversity we need in an open plan workplace. 

There are multiple solutions in the marketplace – from acoustic panels and open-air booths. But the office pod is a more robust approach that can add much needed quiet time to our distracting office environments.

The beauty of a demountable, modular and fully enclosed office pod means that they can easily be retrofitted into an existing workplace. This brings a unique kind of flexibility and function in a single product.

As the need and demand for simple, straightforward sound solutions continue to rise, products are becoming readily available.

Let’s take a look…



A dedicated manufacturer of high-quality office pods, the Officebricks products are a truly plug and play solution for the workplace.

The units come in a range of sizes to suit different purposes – telephone, meeting, working or conference. Officebricks is engineered for sound reduction, with the fully-enclosed unit providing an -34db sound reduction.

As a modular product, all Officebricks can be easily built on site, and also easily relocated if needed. The innovative design solution simply fits together like a truly modular product should, all without the need for drilling, bonding or screwing it together. Light and power are integrated into the final design.


Officebricks CU


Chakra by Universal Selecta

An oasis of quiet and calm in the modern workplace, the Chakra is one of the most flexible systems on the market. Similarly to Officebricks, Universal Selecta products are truly modular in their design and can be installed in almost any environment.

Chakra is a prefabricated system designed and manufactured in Italy with a singular focus on creating a best in class product for this increasing sector.

With a world-leading -45dB noise reduction, you can be reassured that noise inside the pod is reduced to an absolute minimum through the use of double glazed panels and accompanying acoustic walls and ceiling tiles.


Universal Selecta Chakra Inspire 7


The Aspect Series by Boss Design

The Aspect series by Boss Design starts at one, big enough for a person to work alone in silence, all the way up to Aspect 4, which can host a small meeting. 

The freestanding unit can be implemented and utilised for a range of activities – quiet focused work, small group work or phone calls.

Its versatility with a highly refined design means that it can simply be dropped into a workplace and looks right at home. Not only is it acoustically rated, but it also can be powered with LED lighting and data/power points. 

Taking it up a notch, the finishes can also be customised. Think cork, concrete, wooden panelling or a selection of designer fabrics.


Aspect1 ad5


Qube by Boss Design 

Another outstanding modular product from Boss Design,  Qube offers an acoustic room option through a minimalist design.

Both cost-effective and functional, Qube ensures privacy and sound quality in an easy to install product.  


QubeDuo Inspire3


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