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OFFICEBRICKS = Office Privacy

Whilst the modern working environment increasingly favours open-plan spatial arrangements to allow for more natural forms of creativity and collaboration, there are some downsides that come with the co-working space. Loud conversations. Annoying co-workers. Calls coming from every direction. Excessive noise and constant distractions make important phone calls, meetings and even moments of relaxation near impossible.


...that is, until now!


OFFICEBRICKS is the first patented soundproofing cabinet system designed specifically for the professional environment. The cabinet system, made entirely out of standardised and prefabricated materials requires no drilling, sealing or gluing, making it perfect for not only the office but for functions and trade fairs.  A true 'Plug'n'Play' solution, OFFICEBRICKS pods are fully enclosed with their own floor and ceiling offering sound reduction at a staggering, world leading -45db.



But what makes OFFICEBRICKS so special?

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While acoustical and subdividing space systems are certainly a mainstay for the commercial sector, OFFICEBRICKS' design not only pays increased attention to flexibility and simplicity of construction, but to appealing aesthetic influences that cherish seamless forms and clean, vital lines. Sound absorbing doors, for instance, are equipped with covered hinges and special hardware so that the combined joinery of windows, doors and walls form a holistic unbroken unit.

As a beneficial addendum to this seamless design process, the system's modular interlocking panel design that forms without the need of screwing and gluing is patented worldwide – and is thus, absolutely unique. Cabin elements are entirely divided into interlocking bricks and, due to this patented modular design, a simple set up and demounting is not only possible but also offers additional flexibility regarding choice of location and use (and then, choice of re-location and re-use). 


How does it all work to reduce distractions and noise?


OFFICEBRICKS cabins consist of numerous sound absorbing internal layers with the exterior pressed from MDF, concrete and/or double-shell gypsum boards. The layers and absorbers, glued only with wood glue and water-soluble adhesives, require no use of formaldehyde or other undesirable and highly toxic materials. OFFICEBRICKS come in four different units; the Phone Unit, Work Unit, Meeting Unit and Conference Unit. All four units are double-walled noise booths, created specifically for professional use and are able to be easily built and dismantled according to your needs. 


Presenting: The OFFICEBRICKS Suite!


The Phone Unit (120 x 90 x 208 cm (inside), 138 x 106 x 233 cm (outside)) is perfect for those needing short-term privacy and a discreet atmosphere. Within the cabin no sound is penetrated inside or outside, allowing for complete seclusion. The cabin holds power, network and USB connections and also has a functioning light and electric fan.


Officebricks PhoneUnit

The Work Unit (150 x 120 x 208 cm (inside), 168 x 138 x 236 cm (outside)) provides all the features of the Phone Unit but is bigger, making it the perfect space for one-on-one video conferences or short to medium-term work. The cabin’s windows and doors are double glazed, allowing for video conferences that do not interrupt your office space outside. The work unit cabin also has an optional connection for video screens and cameras to assist with video conferencing sessions.


Officebricks WorkUnit


The Meeting Unit (210 x 180 x 210 cm (inside), 228 x 198 x 236 cm (outside)) is a compact soundproofed meeting room for two people. Perfect for one-on-one meetings, video conferences and work sessions. This unit can also be used for relaxation sessions.


Officebricks MeetingUnit

The Conference Unit (300 x 270 x 210 cm (inside), 318 x 288 x 236 cm (outside)) is a large soundproofed meeting room for up to six people. This unit is universally applicable – for one-on-one conversations, short to long-term work sessions, meetings, telephone or video conferences and relaxation sessions.


Officebricks ConverenceUnit

The OFFICEBRICKS system truly is a celebration of innovative and intelligent design-thinking. The perfect addition to your agile workplace, OFFICEBRICKS assists employees in working to the best of their ability. By designing for their user’s needs and troubleshooting their limitations, OFFICEBRICKS cabinets allow for peace, privacy and productivity.


Your office will love it!



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