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Passion and Locality

In the last few decades, we’ve seen Australia’s history of design trends explore the influence and integration of overseas trends into our nation’s creative narrative. Notes of European design have slowly inspired the way in which we see, create and experience our spaces. 

Combined with the revolutionary talents in local craftsmanship and manufacturing in Australia, P4 continues its tradition and further seeks to change the pace of the design game – pushing local Australian production, engineering and craftsmanship to new heights.

US Hush

P4 values premium-quality production and a meticulous eye for materiality, form and detail. The precision and beauty of our European brands allow us to bring their designs over to Australian shores – putting a touch of local knowledge and craft into the materiality, assembly and design process. 

As a business that recognises the beauty in the art form of locally manufactured products, we celebrate locality with a continued focus on partnering with our European brands to allow local stock holding, assembly, finishing and upholstery and in many cases complete 100% manufacture in Australia.  We are writing our own design narrative that’s personal, meaningful and close to home. 

Our commitment to localising the manufacture of as many products as possible continues to make us proud to be an Australian-owned and run business. We're dedicated to supporting our Australian community of artisans that make us the creative trailblazers that we strive to be. 

By collaborating with brands from around the globe, we are able to showcase the best of our craft within our local talents, while paying homage to our European brands’ exquisite designers and designs. 


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In this piece, we explore the names, products and brands that have graced P4 throughout the years and their passion and dedication to functional and versatile design with Australian manufacturing.

Blå Station

Originating in Sweden since 1986, Bla Station was the brainchild of furniture designer, Börge Lindau. Passionate about showing the world beautiful production furniture, Lindau’s desire was fueled by products that he himself liked and which, in his mind, deserved a place in the market. 

Driven by curiosity, Blå Station is known to challenge the unexpected and thrive with constant discovery. This is a brand that stays true to who they are; where they’ve come from; and the passion of developing new shapes, functions, materials and refreshing industrial production processes. For Blå Station, furniture should inspire us to think differently and see the beauty of the interiors that surround us – dissecting how things come together and how they work as one.

Many BOB configurations are locally upholstered by P4 and assembled in Australia allowing for the flexibility to offer local upholstery specification of approved fabrics, vinyls and leathers.


Bob Job Light Inspire 8


True is a young, vibrant and future-thinking design house – two young men growing up and always looking to change the pace of the design game. The term “modern” to them dictates how they experience everyday; constantly going beyond fashion and investing in individuality rather than conforming to what’s “trendy” or conventional. Dedicated to creating and changing the future, True is a company that acknowledges the past and present, with an eye for the future and the spaces of tomorrow. 

It is no secret that this powerhouse is groundbreaking, with a touch of simplistic pragmatism and beautiful local manufacturing for the Australian design market.

P4 partnered with True several years ago with a joint vision of offering local assembly and upholstery under licence of True's collection in Australia.  This has allowed local lead-times and specification of upholstery in approved local fabrics, vinyls and leathers.


PincettesShield ad7

Boss Design

A UK pioneer in innovative product design, Boss Design is a market leader and global success within the commercial design industry. Over 30 years ago, Managing Director, Brian Murray saw an exciting gap in the market for a brand that could deliver high-quality upholstery in the UK – synonymous with high quality and cutting-edge design. Incredibly passionate about working with people on a global stage, Boss Design is dedicated to design that suits their client’s requirements. 

With a successful and fan-favourite reputation, Boss Design has attracted some of Europe’s leading names, as well as the most-sought after furniture enthusiasts across the water in Australia. A business that is fuelled by creativity and passion for design – Boss Design has evolved into one of the world’s most desirable furniture manufacturers internationally, including local makers here in Australia.

P4 has been manufacturing  pieces from Boss Design's portfolio under licence in Australia for many years now, allowing for local timber specification and upholstery in approved local fabrics, vinyls and leathers.  Lead-times are also much more realistic and in line with local project expectations.



Agent Table Additional


Located in the province of Treviso, Italy, is Maxdesign – a brand that reminds us of the beauty of workplace design. Amidst the transformative period of creativity in the 21st century, the boundary between the public and private space is blurred, creating multi-faceted and multi-purposes environments that demand functional, versatile and people-focused design. For Maxdesign, highly functional and user-friendly design mixed with a contemporary elegance has been imbued in their everyday practice for 20 years. 

The team at Maxdesign are committed to creating spaces that foster human wellbeing and wellness through meticulously consistent ergonomic research; specialised production with innovative materials and long-lasting collaborative relationships with boundary-pushing talents on the international creative scene, including the manufacturing talents in Australia. 

Year after year, Maxdesign strives to creative globally-loved collections that showcase a simple, timeless and human-centric design, constantly putting it at the forefront of contemporary workplace design.  

As as long term partner of Maxdesign, P4 offers local stock holding, assembly and upholstery under licence of Maxdesign's furniture collection in Australia.  This allows for local lead-times and specification of upholstery in approved local fabrics, vinyls and leathers.

 Max Baba Table Betinha Betty HB Betty LB Inspiration



P4 is proud to be an Australian-owned business with both local and european sourced product ranges offering an innovative and refreshed local manufacturing process.

For more details about how P4 is supporting the local manufacturing industry and helping to employ Australian workers,  please give us a call on 1300 888 434.


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