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Top Ten Designs For Workplace Wellness


International governing body, the WELL Building Standard™ identifies FIVE critical factors for creating an agile working environment for mental and physical wellbeing. We match our best ten products so you can get the best out of your next project: 


i) Nourishment

The recent claim that “hospitality is the future of agile” has greatly impacted the way we design our workplaces. Hospitality culture seems to be permeating through the majority of commercial projects in Asia Pac – featuring workstations and meeting spaces in kitchen areas and even in-house “agile café’s”. Here are our two favourite #P4Picks to simultaneously work and nourish:


Agent High Table, Boss Design.

An incredibly hard-wearing and robust construction, Agent tables are a versatile offering ideal for meeting areas, boardrooms, breakout or collaborative spaces. The Agent Table provides you with the ideal spot to have a bite to eat while powering through lunch on your laptop, a social hangout zone for monthly birthday cake, or an intensive collaboration session with your colleagues.

Agent High Table ad2

Agent High Table13 pro3 


Dent B502 Chair, Blå Station.

Making the impossible possible, the Dent chair challenges the idea of traditional sleek and beautiful hospitality seating, inviting imagination, collaboration and focus. Despite its dented surface the chair is comfortable, and is used throughout the world as an uber-stylish place from which to meet, socialize, focus, collaborate, eat and drink. The ultimate piece of design for the professional creative workplace.


Bla Station Dent Wood miljo 20151104


 blasblastation D7A3322


 ii) Light 

It’s hard to believe that the majority of workplaces have very poor, if not damaging lighting systems, which create glare, shadows, poor visibility, eye fatigue and headaches. While replacing the entire lighting structure is a great idea, it is often not affordable to do so correctly or to the extent that it should be, and thus has little change. As a kind of two-birds-with-one-stone solution, we propose some creative and more cost effective options for comfortable and productive lighting .


Pincettes Cap, True Design. 

If those pesky and harmful fluorescent lights are straining your eyes too much, sitting under the acoustic shelter of True Design’s Pincette might be for you. The Pincettes is a range of acoustic space dividers that offer ways to isolate and control unwanted sound without totally encasing the user. This model, called Cap, defines the reading and relaxing space and provides an acoustic canopy over a lounge area or pair of armchairs that not only block unwanted noise, but unwanted glare and light.


cap true design 159033 prel50969980

PincettesCap inspire3 


Cega Pod, Boss Design. 

Need to go through a client presentation, but the lights are too bright for the screen? Eye’s getting sore from the brutal mixture of your computer and the fluorescents? Totally symmetrical in form and boasting advanced acoustic qualities, Cega’s contoured design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise, whilst the open top structure allows for the correct level of ambient light to pass through the system.


Cega main


soft office launch


iii) Fitness

Despite what we might think, fitness isn’t just about how high you can get your heart rate up or high much you can bench-press. Workplace fitness in particular is about maximizing the physical ergonomics of your body, and not remaining in a stationary position for too long. Below are P4’s two favourite products to create a healthy and fit workplace:


Coza Task Chair, Boss Design.

Do you feel like you need to be an ergonomist to know how to use your task chair properly? The majority of people would have no clue how to best adjust their chairs to get the most effective and healthy position for their bodies – and designers shouldn’t be making it hard to #SitFit ! 

Awarded 'Best of NeoCon' Silver in 2015 and created in collaboration with renowned German furniture designer Martin Ballendat, Coza is poised to take the world by storm. A serious task chair that boasts extraordinary comfort and dynamic support by using the natural flexibility of a single ribbon of material. Coza is visually and functionally unique and is the perfect chair to facilitate both task and flexible working in a modern office or collaborative environment. Combining a pivot point and flexible polymer shell to mimic a traditional 2:1 synchronised mechanism, without the need for adjustment, Coza achieves 16° rearward tilt.


Coza pro4




Table Air Classic, Table Air.

Stand More. Be More. Connected, elegant and smart, TableAir utilises the amazing Smart Button technology for simple, intuitive user controlled height adjustment.

It's never been easier to adjust the height.  Push the Smart Button, raise your hand and TableAir will raise to match the height – making it easier for you to get up and stretch your body, while still being productive.

 Using the best electronic drive technology available, TableAir operates smoothly, silently and completely effortlessly. Complete with integrated power and USB charging this table has everything you need in a state-of-the-art Sit | Stand solution.  It even comes with an RGB multicolour LED light system built into the side of the top to help you create the perfect mood. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in, your table will soon be connected to the cloud and is fully controllable with your phone using the TableAir app. 


TableAir ad1

TableAir ad2

TableAir ad9


TableAir ad10

iv) Comfort

There is a very fine and tricky line between comfort and unprofessional. Being relaxed and comfortable is so important to the agile model, because it immediately puts us in the frame of mind where we do our best work. The catch however, is that you need to be comfortable without looking like you’re on the couch at home. Here are our top two picks for finding the ultimate blend of relaxation, comfort and professionalism:


Betty B010 Armchair, Maxdesign.

The Betty Armchair is a stunning example of what we like to call “executive lounging”. Its rounded soft lines and cushioned materiality provide an unmatched level of comfort, all the while aesthetically molding to the professional and commercial nature of any workspace.

Betty 01 

BettyB010 ad4

Cocoon, Boss Design.

Comfort and privacy are some of the greatest challenges to the agile model. In what are commonly open-plan environments, it is difficult to find the space to comfort both your mind and body; to focus on solo efforts, collaborate with a smaller team or simply find some zen.

Based around one simple unit, Cocoon can be used for team meetings, collaborative tasks or as a base for the day. As part of Boss Design's 'Soft Office' range, Cocoon aims to combine the sit and posture of a traditional desk and task seat with the comfort and feel from a sofa. The high sides, back and roof provide total privacy from the surrounding environment and harsh office lighting without the need for interior sub structures.

boss design boss design cocoon p30 105 image

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v) Mind

The ability to focus or retreat in an agile environment is exceedingly difficult, and as has very serious metal health effects on the users of a space. Constant noise and interruption inhibit logical and imaginative thinking, and therefore inhibit the success of the person. You want and need your space, but you also don’t want to be cut off from the obvious benefits of an open, agile office. 


Pincettes Mask, True Design.

Pincettes is a range of acoustic products that offer ways to isolate and control unwanted sound without totally encasing the user. This model, called Mask, provides a personal sound absorber that simply sits on your desk or table. It gives you the opportunity to concentrate and focus on a singular task, or simply take refuge for a mental breather.


Pincettes Mask ad5


 Pincettes Mask ad1


Offset , Maxdesign.

An active mind is good mind. And we need design that stimulates not just one but an array of potential functions and tasks to stay mentally active. The Offset M Table explores the idea of the worktable as a microsystem with separate elements that can be combined into a variety of possibilities. You can collaborate, be social, focus, present, create and so much more – all from the one piece of design. The Offset M Table gives you the space and tools you need to work how you need to – for every state of mind.  

Off Set pro8

5005 6446811


Off Set pro7




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