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Who is Products for People?


You might be wondering, “So, what's with the purple and the big P4?” And we get it, meeting new people can get a bit full on. So let us introduce ourselves!


We are Products for People, or P4 to our friends. As people, it’s no secret that we are sensitive to our surroundings, and here, we see our purpose as improving the lives of people through design, with an artfully curated collection of human centered brands and products.


We understand that there is A LOT of design out there – and even more noise about it. Well, we’re a bit different. Quite simply, we believe that good design exists for people – and we’re all about people. If there are four things that you should definitely know about us, it’s this:


We communicate, never dictate:

It’s human nature to share our knowledge – and that’s what we do. We certainly however, don’t pretend to know it all, and we relish the opportunity to learn from our richly informed design community. Though we are highly knowledgeable ourselves; we are still curious, always learning and always hungry to discover innovations in design. To this end, we value more than transactions – we value conversation, dialogue – we value real connections.


We enable, never hinder:

We are driven by our design empathy; our innate and informed understanding of people and what they want – after all, we are people, too. It is this passion and philosophy that drives us to deliver well-designed products to enable you in every aspect of your life; to work, to collaborate, to focus and daydream. It represents who we are: committed, dynamic and genuinely passionate about design. 


We curate products that are expressive:

If you’re anything like us, you’ll know that a good product is more than just a pretty face. True design has something to say. It might express your brand values, the culture of your commercial team, your position in the market – the list goes on.


The point is, any product can be beautiful – but real design expresses meaning and resonates with people far beyond its looks. That’s why we have chosen to partner with designers and brands who align with these values.


It’s been great meeting you! Let’s grab a coffee soon!


Products for People… we’re for you.








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