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Yep, we used to be Chairbiz

To evolve is part of the human experience, and like all people.... we too have evolved and adapted. Moving forward from our former life as Chairbiz, we are here to share not only who we are and what we do – but why. It’s easy to think that a rebrand is basically just a fancy way of saying: “we picked a new font”, when in reality it’s so much more. And so after what has been over a year of company soul-searching, we discovered one primary belief, which continues to drive us forward – Good design exists for people – and we are all about people.


Today, we are Products for People, or P4 to our friends; a name and brand that truly represents us; both our past and our future. But some things never change, and while this evolution will bring you many new and exciting things from us, there will always be four things you can count on us for – rebrand or no. Now, we are Products For People. But we have always been and will continue to be known for:


Flexible Design //

We appreciate that no two spaces are the same. That’s why we believe in our local manufacturing capabilities, which enable us to craft bespoke pieces.


People Driven //

We earn customer partnerships by delivering superior, collaborative customer experiences. We collaborate, we suggest, we inspire, we anticipate.


Product Delivery //

Just like you, we work within the increasingly shrinking lead times of the design industry, and we like to think we’re pretty good at it! We’re local, and we deliver solutions quickly so that you can, too.


Design Knowledge //

Simply just selling product isn’t our thing. We work to inspire, support and encourage the creative vision of our clients with the knowledge of our vast design community.


Products for People… we’re for you.



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