Origin: Italy, est. 1976

Originally established as a small producer of chairs for outsourcing in Italy's northeast, Luxy developed into a highly specialised company in the design and production of ergonomic and chairs and sofas.

Luxy’s mission is to create highly technological, modern products in line with the ever-changing needs of the commercial market. The Luxy team work with a great deal of passion, but do not want to change the world, but rather empower the people who use their products to do so themselves.

The brand is famed for collaborations with designers like Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Stefano Getzel and Favaretto & Partners, along with their dedication to in-house research, experimentation and innovation. Luxy is also characterized by its vast technological know-how and experience, which led the company to patent a number of original products that since become known as classics in ergonomic design, as well as symbol of the Made in Italy movement.

The ambition and passion of a well-oiled team inspire everyone at Luxy to research and create innovative and original solutions, which take shape in the innumerable models of chairs and sofas that make up the collection. To this end, the most important principles of ergonomics are added, along with respect for the environment through the use of ecologically compatible materials with low environmental impact and the observance of the most stringent norms for the safety of users.

Luxy’s takes on the entire production cycle in-house to ensure that the highest quality standards of design and technical necessities are always met. Their products are manufactured by coordinating internal departments who passionately follow all production processes, from the careful selection of raw materials and the tailored production of upholsteries, to manual assembly and final packaging. Luxy expertly harmonises the principles of traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques, the products of which are exported to over forty countries around the world. 


What our team says:

“There is a genuine fondness for this benchmark collection. Luxy was and continues to be a revolutionary game changer, offering alternatives to and re-thinking many over-used executive seating ranges. Luxy regularly re-invents itself so we can offer our customers architecturally-inspired products to suit today's market requirements.”

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