VZOR came into existence thanks to a great passion for design, and a dream of creating a collection based on the icons of Polish design, which in the future will include the designs of contemporary young creators.

The brand was created by Jakub Sobiepanek at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, as part of his master's thesis prepared at the atelier of Tomasz Rygalik. His work was rewarded by the annual Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts 'Coming Out' award as one of the four most prominent in design in 2012. 

Their business model breeds the conditions for iconic historic furniture that have only been exhibited in galleries and museums, to be produced industrially in premium quality and available to consumers of design at advantageous prices.

VZOR aims at creating a cross-section collection of timeless Polish mid-century furniture designs which further expands to include the designs of outstanding contemporary artists. 

Rather than building the collections around sets of loosely interrelated products, VZOR's product lines are and always will be, representative of the work of particular designers.

VZOR's approach is to put the designs into commercial production using state-of-the-art quality materials and technologies, while at the same time respecting the patent and the copyright.


What our team says:

“Bringing mid-century Polish designs back to life, and making them accessible to all, is what VZOR is all about.  We love the concept and the passion with which they go about their work.”




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