Origin: Italy, est. 1964

Originally founded in Padua Italy, Zago has spent the last 50+ years specialising in the production of designer seating opportunities for commercial communities and contract.

Zago is forever innovating and constantly evolving, ready to respond to market demands with a strong, reliable aesthetic and flexible functionality.

Planning, design, research and especially the use of innovative materials are the traits that allow the company to command global attention. Zago is a strong, international design player, recognised for their compliance with international standards with regard to ergonomics, durability, safety and quality products.

Today, Zago services an international clientele and continually works to refine its products to maintain leading relevance within changing modes of how we work. 


What our team says:

“Think organic and sophisticated harmonious design. Products for People present these modestly priced ranges via local licenced production, meaning cultured design within reach and with practical project lead times.”


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