Our DesignersAvio Calandrin & Eugenio Farina

Avio Calandrin & Eugenio Farina

Avio Calandrin was born in Padua, Italy. His education was humanity oriented. He started to run his own business in 1993 by launching a new brand known as Hoffmannitalia  and he was the art director and sales manager up to the 2003 before the business closed. Nowadays he is running Designitalia - a Design & Commercial Management Network, which is oriented on nurturing emerging industrial design and creating better company culture which is very essential for their marketing strategies.

Eugenio Farino was born in Varese, Italy and now resides in Padua with his wife, three children and two cats. Before graduating in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan in 1993, Farina was a graduate in Industrial Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. Since 1991 he is constantly engaged in teaching activities, including ISCO CSIA Como and Lugano. He combines both the art direction in design projects and is a freelance designer for companies. This activity has led him to participate in more editions of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.




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