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Robert Haswell

Robert (Rob) Haswell was born in Sydney in 1955, schooled at Sydney Grammar and a student of music, the arts and design with a love for furniture stretching back to early childhood.

He says he is an avid sketcher. “I love to draw and sketch while I’m talking with my clients so I can translate their needs and requirements immediately onto paper.  This helps crystalize their ideas, just like magic.”

In the early 90’s, Robert partnered long-time friend Denise Murray in Vaga Design in Paddington, Sydney.  It was there that he started to explore the relationship between lightweight steel frame construction and the fundamentals of ergonomics and powerful design.

He then moved to Canberra and now many years later still owns and runs Exclusive Space, a successful design consultancy business.

With an inquisitive mind and keen eye, Roberts’ infatuation with all things modern has highly influenced his work over the last three decades.

Today Robert still maintains significant involvement in every step of the design and production of his striking furniture.

Robert has created many varied collections expressly focused on the commercial furniture market over the last 30 years.  His designs are simple, functional and as he says “above all elegant”..


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