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Robi Boi

Relationship Manager | Melbourne

Robi is a seasoned Relationship Manager who has been with P4 for over 15 years consulting with his network of Melbourne’s best architects and designers to guide them through the process of creating bespoke product solutions for their projects. Likening his role to qualifications of a grad student, Robi is a self-described: “Guidance Counsellor for furniture with a Dip Ed in Fabric & Colour Selection,” who has a, “Degree in Quotation Calculations with a Bachelor of Versatility, versed in Designer Interpretations and an Honorary Masters in Prima Donna Designers,” – that last one is a tough qualification to get!

Robi loves Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, is an avid pet rock collector, President of the Punky Brewster fan club (anyone younger than 30 will need to Google that one). He is also a card-carrying member of the Italian Loafers Union of Australia, was the 1978 St Benedict’s Primary School Ping-Pong Champion and ultimately aspires to make a mountain out of a molehill. When he’s not finding new friends to talk design shop with, you can find Robi in one of Melbourne’s many trendy cafés.

You can contact Robi HERE.


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