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Simon Duerden

Brand, Product & Sales Director

Products for People’s Brand, Product & Sales Director Simon Duerden has been with the company for over 13 years and has a whopping 25 years industry experience under his belt including: importing, selling and local production and manufacture.

Alongside the management team, Simon works across every facet of the brand.

Simon is a real champion for original, authentic and local design, working hard to empower the local industry. This means bringing global design production to Australia by securing key strategic brand relationships with global players to manage local production and product design with a strong focus on tailoring products to suit local customer requirements.

Simon is first and foremost a leader – not a manager, specialising in turning what’s on paper into a reality and thinking imaginatively and technically about product development and delivery. With a well-honed ‘gift of the gab’, Simon is a Jedi-level product specialist who could confidently “sell ice to Eskimos”, but prefers to use his powers for good – genuinely searching for designer product solutions for commercial products.

Another typical Melbournian and like many in his team, Simon is another coffee aficionado and foodie, who loves great coffee, chocolate, dining out and awesome wine… a love of all things ‘quality’ runs deep in the P4 DNA!

You can contact Simon HERE.


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