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Stone 1400

Stone Designs

Stone Designs is the story of two creators (Cutu Mazuelos 1973 and Eva Prego 1974), and their career spanning over twenty-years.Du...

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Ginkgo A40

Blå Station

Ginkgo is an attractive sound-absorbing solution that combines Japanese tradition with a contemporary European perspective. Merely by changing the colours, this simple shape can morph into millions of different inspirational landscapes.

Ginkgo sound-absorbing panels reduce ambient noise and echoes in the room and are constructed using hot-pressed 100% polyester form felt. They are easily mounted on the wall using a unique and very clever Magnetic fixing system.

Ginkgo is now approved to European standard EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 - reaction to fire classification.

Available in a range of standard stocked felt colours (no minimum per colour) or in a designer fabric finish at an additional charge (minimum of 4 per fabric colour).

For projects that have longer lead-times, a sea-freight shipment option is available at a reduced unit price depending on quantities.  Please have a conversation with us about your requirements.

Please note the price guide below is based on Light Grey 003, Anthracite 004 and Off  White 007 felt finishes.

For more information on this product please contact your nearest P4 showroom.

Melbourne 1300 888 434 | Sydney 02 8399 1300 | Brisbane 07 3852 1300

Project price guide: Circa $150
Despatch lead time: 1 - 2 Weeks

Acoustic Benefits

The sound absorption for Ginkgo has been measured according to the reverberation room method (SS-EN ISO 354:2003) and evaluated according to SS-EN ISO 11654:1997.  Absorption class = B.  

Ginkgo is tested and approved by Acoustic Facts and has an NRC rating of 0.8


Wall Planner

ginkgo planner2

Design your own Ginkgo wall! 

Use the Ginkgo Wall Planner and build the Ginkgo combination you like. 

Enter the wall measurements and then choose what colours you want to use.  The number of Ginkgos required in each finish or fabric is collected in a list and you can easily print a drawing that can be helpful during assembly.


Acoustic Facts Certified

Acoustic Facts Bla

Ginkgo is Acoustic Facts certified!

Further information and a tool to calculate the number of panels required to achieve the desired acoustic result is available HERE.


Inspiration and Installation Video

Ginkgo300 2


Ginkgo is so easy to install!

Watch this video to discover the inspiration for Ginkgo and to learn how to install it. 



Acoustic NRC
0.8 NRC
Depth - Overall
60 mm
Height - Overall
420 mm
Width - Overall
500 mm

Product Code
Country of Origin


3 Years

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Certification - Fire Classification
Acoustic Certification | Acoustic Facts


Fabric Chart | Camira 'Blazer Lite'
CAD - Revit®
CAD - SketchUp
Data Sheet
Instructions | Installation

Colours (Stocked - Standard)

Ginkgo 004 Anthracite
Anthracite 004
Ginkgo 003 Light Grey2
Light Grey 003
Ginkgo 007 Off White
Off White 007

Colours (Indent) - Minimums Apply

Ginkgo 006 Black
Black 006
Ginkgo 008 Med Grey
Medium Grey 008
BlazerLite Angel LTH49
Blazer Lite - Angel LTH49
BlazerLite Aspire LTH52
Blazer Lite - Aspire LTH52
BlazerLite Balance LTH41
Blazer Lite - Balance LTH41
BlazerLite Bliss LTH48
Blazer Lite - Bliss LTH48
BlazerLite Buddah LTH56
Blazer Lite - Buddah LTH56
BlazerLite Cuddle LTH62
Blazer Lite - Cuddle LTH62
BlazerLite Danity LTH64
Blazer Lite - Dainty LTH64
BlazerLite Daydream LTH46
Blazer Lite - Daydream LTH46
BlazerLite Devoted LTH58
Blazer Lite - Devoted LTH58
BlazerLite Faith LTH68
Blazer Lite - Faith LTH68
BlazerLite Freedom LTH69
Blazer Lite - Freedom LTH69
BlazerLite Graceful LTH51
Blazer Lite - Graceful LTH51
BlazerLite Happy LTH55
Blazer Lite - Happy LTH55
BlazerLite Harmony LTH63
Blazer Lite - Harmony LTH63
BlazerLite Haven LTH40
Blazer Lite - Haven LTH40
BlazerLite Hope LTH50
Blazer Lite - Hope LTH50
BlazerLite Hush LTH42
Blazer Lite - Hush LTH42
BlazerLite Love LTH47
Blazer Lite - Love LTH47
BlazerLite Mood LTH44
Blazer Lite - Mood LTH44
BlazerLite Pamper LTH66
Blazer Lite - Pamper LTH66
BlazerLite Pastel LTH65
Blazer Lite - Pastel LTH65
BlazerLite Pillow LTH43
Blazer Lite - Pillow LTH43
BlazerLite Praise LTH55
Blazer Lite - Praise LTH54
BlazerLite Retreat LTH39
Blazer Lite - Retreat LTH39
BlazerLite Shelter LTH60
Blazer Lite - Shelter LTH60
BlazerLite Solace LTH70
Blazer Lite - Solace LTH70
BlazerLite Tender LTH53
Blazer Lite - Tender LTH53
BlazerLite True LTH61
Blazer Lite - True LTH61
BlazerLite Verity LTH57
Blazer Lite - Verity LTH57
BlazerLite Wish LTH67
Blazer Lite - Wish LTH67
BlazerLite Worship LTH59
Blazer Lite - Worship LTH59
Hero 1241 c0101
Kvadrat - Hero - c0101
Hero 1241 c0141
Kvadrat - Hero - c0141
Hero 1241 c0151
Kvadrat - Hero - c0151
Hero 1241 c0151
Kvadrat - Hero - c0181
Hero 1241 c0191
Kvadrat - Hero - c0191
Hero 1241 c0201
Kvadrat - Hero - c0201
Hero 1241 c0211
Kvadrat - Hero - c0211
Hero 1241 c0231
Kvadrat - Hero - c0231
Hero 1241 c0311
Kvadrat - Hero - c0311
Hero 1241 c0381
Kvadrat - Hero - c0381
Hero 1241 c0411
Kvadrat - Hero - c0411
Hero 1241 c0441
Kvadrat - Hero - c0441
Hero 1241 c0451
Kvadrat - Hero - c0451
Hero 1241 c0481
Kvadrat - Hero - c0481
Hero 1241 c0511
Kvadrat - Hero - c0511
Hero 1241 c0541
Kvadrat - Hero - c0541
Hero 1241 c0551
Kvadrat - Hero - c0551
Hero 1241 c0601
Kvadrat - Hero - c0601
Hero 1241 c0681
Kvadrat - Hero - c0681
Hero 1241 c701
Kvadrat - Hero - c701
Hero 1241 c711
Kvadrat - Hero - c711
Hero 1241 c751
Kvadrat - Hero - c751
Hero 1241 c791
Kvadrat - Hero - c791
Hero 1241 c0901
Kvadrat - Hero - c901
Hero 1241 c0931
Kvadrat - Hero - c931
Hero 1241 c0941
Kvadrat - Hero - c941
Hero 1241 c0981
Kvadrat - Hero - c981
Hero 1241 c0991
Kvadrat - Hero - c991
Blazer Synergy LDS05
Camira - Synergy - LDS05
Blazer Synergy LDS07
Camira - Synergy - LDS07
Blazer Synergy LDS08
Camira - Synergy - LDS08
Blazer Synergy LDS16
Camira - Synergy - LDS16
Blazer Synergy LDS17
Camira - Synergy - LDS17
Blazer Synergy LDS18
Camira - Synergy - LDS18
Blazer Synergy LDS19
Camira - Synergy - LDS19
Blazer Synergy LDS20
Camira - Synergy - LDS20
Blazer Synergy LDS21
Camira - Synergy - LDS21
Blazer Synergy LDS22
Camira - Synergy - LDS22
Blazer Synergy LDS23
Camira - Synergy - LDS23
Blazer Synergy LDS24
Camira - Synergy - LDS24
Blazer Synergy LDS25
Camira - Synergy - LDS25
Blazer Synergy LDS26
Camira - Synergy - LDS26
Blazer Synergy LDS27
Camira - Synergy - LDS27
Blazer Synergy LDS28
Camira - Synergy - LDS28
Blazer Synergy LDS29
Camira - Synergy - LDS29
Blazer Synergy LDS31
Camira - Synergy - LDS31
Blazer Synergy LDS32
Camira - Synergy - LDS32
Blazer Synergy LDS33
Camira - Synergy - LDS33
Blazer Synergy LDS34
Camira - Synergy - LDS34
Blazer Synergy LDS35
Camira - Synergy - LDS35
Blazer Synergy LDS36
Camira - Synergy - LDS36
Blazer Synergy LDS37
Blazer - Synergy - LDS37
Blazer Synergy LDS38
Camira - Synergy - LDS38
Blazer Synergy LDS39
Camira - Synergy - LDS39
Blazer Synergy LDS40
Camira - Synergy - LDS40
Blazer Synergy LDS41
Camira - Synergy - LDS41
Blazer Synergy LDS42
Camira - Synergy - LDS42
Blazer Synergy LDS43
Blazer Synergy LDS44
Camira - Synergy - LDS44
Blazer Synergy LDS45
Camira - Synergy - LDS45
Blazer Synergy LDS46
Camira - Synergy - LDS46
Blazer Synergy LDS47
Camira - Synergy - LDS47
Blazer Synergy LDS48
Camira - Synergy - LDS48
Blazer Synergy LDS49
Camira - Synergy - LDS49
Blazer Synergy LDS50
Camira - Synergy - LDS50
Blazer Synergy LDS51
Camira - Synergy - LDS51
Blazer Synergy LDS52
Camira - Synergy - LDS52
Blazer Synergy LDS53
Camira - Synergy - LDS53
Blazer Synergy LDS54
Camira - Synergy - LDS54
Blazer Synergy LDS55
Camira - Synergy - LDS55
Blazer Synergy LDS56
Camira - Synergy - LDS56
Blazer Synergy LDS57
Camira - Synergy - LDS57
Blazer Synergy LDS58
Blazer Synergy LDS59
Camira - Synergy - LDS59
Blazer Synergy LDS60
Camira - Synergy - LDS60
Blazer Synergy LDS61
Camira - Synergy - LDS61
Blazer Synergy LDS62
Camira - Synergy - LDS62
Blazer Synergy LDS63
Camira - Synergy - LDS63
Blazer Synergy LDS64
Camira - Synergy - LDS64
Blazer Synergy LDS65
Camira - Synergy - LDS65
Blazer Synergy LDS66
Camira - Synergy - LDS66
Blazer Synergy LDS67
Camira - Synergy - LDS67
Blazer Synergy LDS68
Camira - Synergy - LDS68
Blazer Synergy LDS69
Camira - Synergy - LDS69
Blazer Synergy LDS70
Camira - Synergy - LDS70
Blazer Synergy LDS71
Camira - Synergy - LDS71
Blazer Synergy LDS72
Camira - Synergy - LDS72
Blazer Synergy LDS73
Camira - Synergy - LDS73
Blazer Synergy LDS74
Camira - Synergy - LDS74
Blazer Synergy LDS75
Camira - Synergy - LDS75
Blazer Synergy LDS76
Camira - Synergy - LDS76
Blazer Synergy LDS77
Camira - Synergy - LDS77
Blazer Synergy LDS78
Camira - Synergy - LDS78
Blazer Synergy LDS79
Camira - Synergy - LDS79
Blazer Synergy LDS80
Camira - Synergy - LDS80
Blazer Synergy LDS81
Camira - Synergy - LDS81
Blazer Synergy LDS82
Camira - Synergy - LDS82
Blazer Synergy LDS84
Camira - Synergy - LDS84
Blazer Synergy LDS85
Camira - Synergy - LDS85
Blazer Synergy LDS86
Camira - Synergy - LDS86
Blazer Synergy LDS87
Camira - Synergy - LDS87
Blazer Synergy LDS88
Camira - Synergy - LDS88


Stone 1400

Stone Designs

Stone Designs is the story of two creators (Cutu Mazuelos 1973 and Eva Prego 1974), and their career spanning over twenty-years.Du...

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