RoundAbout is all about the curves.

The solid timber frame has been passionately crafted and is available as standard in solid Victorian Ash. Optional American Oak is available at an additional cost.

Available in the following models:

RoundAbout | Low:

- Model RA180674 | 1800mm x 600mm x 740mm H

- Model RA200874 | 2000mm x 800mm x 740mm H

- Model RA221074 | 2200mm x 1000mm x 740mm H

RoundAbout | High:

- Model RA180610 | 1800mm x 600mm x 1050mm H

- Model RA200810 | 2000mm x 800mm x 1050mm H

- Model RA221010 | 2200mm x 1000mm x 1050mm H

Consider upgrading your RoundAbout table with optional, fully locking castors for maximum mobility and stability.

Project Price Guide is for Model RA180674 | Low | Victorian Ash timber frame | Standard P4 Melamine top | Note: The top shown is solid timber with profile edge detail.

As this product is manufactured in Australia we are able to offer it in a range of standard timber finishes, stains or washes along with custom colours on request.

Optional top finishes may be available including melamine, laminate, timber veneer or solid timber. Pricing and availability will vary depending on the specification.

Available EXCLUSIVELY from P4.

For more information on this product please contact your nearest P4 showroom.

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Designed in Melbourne     Made in AustraliaGECA Certified

Project price guide: Circa $1,990
Despatch lead time: 5 - 6 Weeks


This collection can be customised to suit your project.  A different width, depth or table height could also be possible. Please talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to discuss how RoundAbout can be modified to suit your project.


Something To Consider

It is important to consider the number of people you intend to sit or stand around any table you specify to ensure there are no limitations or aspects of the design that might hinder your plans.  We suggest you take note of internal dimensions between table legs, leg or frame positions and the amount of top overhang at the ends. The type of chair or stool you choose may also impact the number of people that can comfortably use the table. If unsure please ask us for assistance and we will be happy to help.

Technology Integration

Don't forget to discuss your technology requirements with our team.  Power, Data and USB can easily be integrated into this product.

Phase web            Agent Phase2


Length | Frame
1475 mm | 1675 mm | 1875 mm
Width | Table Top
1800 mm | 2000mm | 2200 mm
Height | Table
740 mm | 1050 mm
Depth | Table Top
600 mm | 800mm | 1000 mm
Top | Thickness | Standard
25 mm
Top | Thickness | Solid Timber
30 mm
Top | Overhang at End
162 mm
Width | Between Legs | Long Side
1395 mm | 1595 mm | 1795 mm
Width | 'A' Frame at Floor
600 mm | 800 mm | 1000 mm

Product Code
Country of Manufacture


5 Year | Structural

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Certification - GECA


Finishes | Melamine | P4 | Standard
Finishes | Timber | P4 | Standard

Timber Frame | Vic Ash

VicAsh Aqua
Vic Ash - Aqua
VicAsh Black Wash
Vic Ash - Black Wash
Beech Claret
Vic Ash - Claret
VicAsh Dark Walnut
Vic Ash - Dark Walnut
VicAsh Light Cherry
Vic Ash - Light Cherry
VicAsh Light Walnut
Vic Ash - Light Walnut
VicAsh Marine
Vic Ash - Marine
VicAsh Mustard
Vic Ash - Mustard
VicAsh Natural
Vic Ash - Natural
VicAsh Ocean
Vic Ash - Ocean
VicAsh Sulphur
Vic Ash - Sulphur Yellow
VicAsh White Wash
Vic Ash - White Wash
Custom Stain 2
Custom - Stain (P.O.A)

Timber Frame | American Oak

American Oak Aqua
American Oak - Aqua
AmericanOak Black Wash
American Oak - Black Wash
AmericanOak Claret
American Oak - Claret
American Oak Dark Walnut
American Oak - Dark Walnut
American Oak Light Cherry
American Oak - Light Cherry
American Oak Light Walnut
American Oak - Light Walnut
American Oak Marine
American Oak - Marine
American Oak Mustard
American Oak - Mustard
AmericanOak Natural
American Oak - Natural
American Oak Ocean
American Oak - Ocean
AmericanOak Sulphur
American Oak - Sulphur Yellow
American Oak White Wash_1
American Oak - White Wash
Custom Stain 2
Custom - Stain (P.O.A)

Timber Frame | Solid Colours

Solid White all
Cloud | Solid
Graphite | Solid
Graphite | Solid
Lemon | Solid
Lemon | Solid
Mandarin | Solid
Midnight | Solid
Midnight | Solid
Musk | Solid
Onyx | Solid
Onyx | Solid
Paprika | Solid
Paprika | Solid
Pebble | Solid
Pebble | Solid
Sage | Solid
Sage | Solid
Signal Red | Solid
Signal Red | Solid
Sky | Solid
Sky | Solid
Storm | Solid
Storm | Solid
Custom Solid Colours
Custom - Solid Colour (P.O.A.)

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