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Tomek Rygalik

Designer, lecturer, curator, Tomek Rygalik was born in 1976 in Lodz, Poland. He studied Architecture and Town Planning at the Poli...

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Soundroom | Phone Booth


Soundroom, designed by Tomek Rygalik, is an original product collection that integrates an innovative acoustic panel technology with sound-diffusing geometry - much like solutions that are used in recording studios. 

A unique feature of Soundroom is the use of light polyester felt. The non-woven fabric covers on both sides a honeycomb-shaped cardboard core with hexagonal cells. The resulting element, produced in the process of thermoforming, is a lightweight, extremely rigid and visually attractive panel which is pleasant and warm to the touch. The panels have a unique corrugated characteristic on the inner side and are flat on the outer side.

Soundroom | Phone Booth offers a simple yet clever way to create a private, acoustic area to make or take phone calls without the distraction of the everyday office.

There is also an option for an integrated internal light if desired.

Project Price Guide is for internal upholstery options from Noti's Group A textile collection.

Available EXCLUSIVELY from P4.

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Project price guide: Circa $1,780
Despatch lead time: 12 - 16 Weeks

Acoustic Performance

The high acoustic quality of the SoundRoom system has been confirmed in tests conducted by the AGH University of Science and Technology (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics) in Cracow for compliance with the standards: 

ISO 354:2005 [Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room], which determines the acoustics class.

ISO 10053:2001 [Measurement of office screen sound attenuation under specific laboratory conditions], which determines noise reduction.




Height | Overall
1010 mm
Width | Overall
670 mm
Height | Shelf
390 mm
Depth | Overall
490 mm
Weight | Product
19 kg

Product Code
Country of Manufacture


5 Year | Structural

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Fabric | Noti | Group A | Camira 'Era'
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Finish | Hood | Felt

Light Grey Fabric
Felt - Light Grey

Standard Fabric Finish | Group A | Stocked

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Era - Forward CSE14

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Era - Phase CSE17
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Era - Present CSE13
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Era - Prime CSE09
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Gabriel - Medley - 66009
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Medley - 66010
Medley 67002
Gabriel - Medley - 67002
Medley 67006
Gabriel - Medley - 67006
Medley 68002
Medley - 68002
Medley 68005
Medley - 68005


Tomek 2

Tomek Rygalik

Designer, lecturer, curator, Tomek Rygalik was born in 1976 in Lodz, Poland. He studied Architecture and Town Planning at the Poli...

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