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Even during his studies, Jakub Sobiepanek provided proof of the aptness of his design visions by conjuring unusual forms out of...

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Space L | Meeting


NEW Upgraded 2021 Model

Space L| Meeting is an alternative to classic conference rooms. It can be used for informal meetings, as well as for longer gatherings. A truly beautiful design with best in class acoustic properties makes it a refined symbiosis of style, craftsmanship and performance - everything that characterises the Spaces range by Mute®.

More than a simple booth, Space L is packed with technological goodness in a meticulously designed construction, where you can be fully connected with the outside world while avoiding its day to day clutter.

Standard specification includes:

 - Silent air-flow system fully integrated into the ceiling

 - LED lighting with Active PIR occupancy sensor

 - Durable powder-coated steel exterior

 - Power socket (3)

 - Fixed height table with Sliding Function

 - Internal Coat Hook (2)

Space L can be upgraded to also include: 

 - Sofa (2) with or without armrest

 - Choice of Premium internal and external finishes

 - NEW Mobility Upgrade for easy relocation (Click HERE to watch video demo)

 - Premium Control Panel (Ventilation and Light Adjustment)

 - Wireless Induction or Twin USB Charging

 - LAN Connection

 - CBS Lima Monitor Arm with VESA Mount

 - Timber veneer door frame

Space L can also be supplied without any furniture allowing you to furnish it as you like.

Contact us for volume pricing.

Project Price Guide is for Standard Finish options and does not include delivery or on-site assembly.

Available EXCLUSIVELY from P4.

For more information on this product please contact your nearest P4 showroom.

Melbourne 1300 888 434 | Sydney 02 8399 1300 | Brisbane 07 3852 1300

Project price guide: Circa $23,500
Despatch lead time: 10 - 14 Weeks (Indent)

Acoustic Benefits

Space L combines one of the best results in sound insulation (to make sure you don't hear the outside world) with extremely high sound absorption inside the pod (so that you don't disturb yourself while working comfortably or having a meeting). At the same time, an innovative ventilation system does not create additional noise above the usual sound level in an open-plan office or even a quiet library.



Configure your Space

Spaces Pod Configurator



Height | Overall
1360 mm / 1600 mm
Width | Overall
620 mm / 1000 mm
Depth | Overall
350 mm
Weight | Product
650 kg
Number of People
Up to 4
Door Opening | Standard
Left Hinged
Door Opening | Optional
Right Hinged
Width | Door
900 mm
Mobility Upgrade Available

Product Code
Country of Manufacture


5 Year | Structural

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Brochure | Technical
Catalogue | Collection 2021 | Mute
CAD | Revit®
Fabric | Mute | Group 3 | Camira 'Synergy'
Fabric | Mute | Group 4 | Kvadrat 'Remix'

Exterior | Walls & Roof | Standard | Ultra Matt

Snow White Matt RAL 9003
Snow White RAL 9003

Exterior | Walls & Roof | Premium | Ultra Matt

Ceramic Red NCSS4050 Y70R
Ceramic Red Ultra Matt NCSS4050-Y70R
Dusk Blue Ultra Matt
Dusk Blue Ultra Matt NCSS4010-B50G
New York Grey Matt RAL 7042
New York Grey Ultra Matt NCSS3000-N
9005 Black
Panther Black Ultra Matt RAL9005
Pepper Grey Ultra Matt RAL 7012
Pepper Grey Ultra Matt RAL7012
Powder Grey Ultra Matt RAL 7035
Powder Grey Ultra Matt RAL7035
St. Tropez Yellow UltraMatt
St. Tropez Yellow Ultra Matt RAL1018

Exterior | Frame | Laminate | Standard

Snow White NCSS0500 N
Snow White NCSS0500-N

Exterior | Frame | Laminate | Premium

Ceramic Red NCSS4050 Y70R
Ceramic Red NCSS4050-Y70R
Dusk Blue NCSS4010 B50G
Dusk Blue NCSS4010-B50G
Powder Grey NCS1502 G
Powder Grey NCS1502-G
Black Premium Laminate
Premium Black Anti-Fingerprint
19 Premium Grey Laminate
Premium Grey Anti-Fingerprint
Whiteboard White Glossy
Whiteboard White Glossy

Exterior | Frame | Veneer | Premium

19 Maple Veneer
Maple Veneer
19 Oak Veneer
Oak Veneer

Finish | Interior | Walls & Roof | Acoustic Felt

Anthracite NCSS7500 N
Anthracite NCSS7500-N
Beige NCSS2002 450R
Beige NCSS2002-450R
Blue NCSS3020 R90B
Blue NCSS3020-R90B
Green NCSS5010 B90G
Green NCSS5010-B90G
Grey NCS2002 R
Grey NCS2002-R
Terracotta NSSS3030 Y70R
Terracotta NCSS3030-Y70R
Interior Felt Finish Beige
Interior Felt Finish Dark Grey2
Dark Grey
Space Grey Felt Finish

Table Top | Laminate | Standard

Snow White NCSS0500 N
Snow White NCSS0500-N

Table Top | Laminate | Premium

New York Grey NCSS3000 N
New York Grey NCSS3000-N
Powder Grey NCS1502 G
Powder Grey NCS1502-G

Table Top | Veneer | Premium

19 Maple Veneer
Maple Veneer
19 Oak Veneer
Oak Veneer

Upholstery | Optional Sofa

Blazer Synergy LDS08
Camira - Synergy - LDS08
Blazer Synergy LDS17
Camira - Synergy - LDS17
Blazer Synergy LDS27
Camira - Synergy - LDS27
Blazer Synergy LDS32
Camira - Synergy - LDS32
Blazer Synergy LDS33
Camira - Synergy - LDS33
Blazer Synergy LDS35
Camira - Synergy - LDS35
Blazer Synergy LDS47
Camira - Synergy - LDS47
Blazer Synergy LDS55
Camira - Synergy - LDS55
Blazer Synergy LDS56
Camira - Synergy - LDS56
Blazer Synergy LDS57
Camira - Synergy - LDS57
Blazer Synergy LDS58
Camira - Synergy - LDS58
Blazer Synergy LDS62
Camira - Synergy - LDS62
Blazer Synergy LDS73
Camira - Synergy - LDS73
Blazer Synergy LDS74
Camira - Synergy - LDS74
Blazer Synergy LDS75
Camira - Synergy - LDS75
Blazer Synergy LDS84
Camira - Synergy - LDS84
Remix 2 123
Kvadrat - Remix - 123
Remix 2 133
Kvadrat - Remix - 133
Remix 2 152
Kvadrat - Remix - 152
Remix 2 183
Kvadrat - Remix - 183
Remix 2 242
Kvadrat - Remix - 242
Remix 2 543
Kvadrat - Remix - 543
Remix 2 643
Kvadrat - Remix - 643
Remix 2 773
Kvadrat - Remix - 773
Remix 2 852
Kvadrat - Remix - 852
Remix 2 982
Kvadrat - Remix - 982


Jakub Sobiepanek web

Jakub Sobiepanek

Even during his studies, Jakub Sobiepanek provided proof of the aptness of his design visions by conjuring unusual forms out of...

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