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Uncommon is a co-working office space in London that offers creative, flexible workspace to support members by boosting business opportunities and reacting to their needs. 

Uncommon's approach meets these requirements by offering something new – workspaces where every detail has been fine-tuned to improve productivity while supporting wellbeing.

There are quiet spaces that encourage focus and everything from the furniture to the music has been chosen to prime people for a successful day. It features bespoke scents in each room, tailored music playlists, and an abundance of greenery and plants throughout the buildings to purify the air.

Uncommon worked with "sense experts" to select the music to match workers' moods, with calm sounds in the quiet rooms and motivational music in the "creative corners." It also boasts "ergonomic furniture", among which you can notice our Wing and Not products from True Design, which increase comfort and promotes a positive body position to enhance the working experience.

Uncommon claims to offer members the most personalised service possible, where the "design and work ethos is catered towards the individual, whether a company is a start-up, scale up or an established entity."


London, United Kingdom
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Office, Commercial, Workplace, Activity Based Work

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