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Experiencing soaring success with multiple locations across Western Australia, Benjamin Trinh and co-founder Jess Ellison have opened their first Life Ready Physio facility in Melbourne. Internationally acclaimed architects and interior design specialists Russell & George were enlisted to create a concept that would echo Trinh's philosophy and mission behind his wellness studios. Speaking with lifestyle blog Broadsheet, he says: 


“How a space looks and feels and the relationships that you have with your practitioners has a tangible effect on recovery”


Featured in the entrance of this beautifully designed facility are P4's Stone and Stone Wall ottomans, paired with the Bink table, in a waiting area where Life Ready's patients can relax before their appointment.  

The Stone collection demonstrate the ease of versatility which it exercises in differing sizes, upholstery and colours. The stone SN1 especially stands out and inspires in Camira's "Oxford" Blue from its famed Blazer range. The Bink Tables echo the organic shapes of the Stone while providing bright highlights of Tangerine in the neutral space. 

Russell & George's Director, Ryan Russell outlines their design intent with this polished space. 


“We wanted to provide something different in the medical sector that people haven’t necessarily seen before”


Without a doubt, this new fitness and rehabilitation studio sets a new benchmark in the high-end, upmarket medical practice sector that P4 is proud to have had a hand in. 

Completed: November 2017


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Camberwell, Melbourne, VIC

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