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At P4, we are driven by our design empathy; our innate and informed understanding of people and what they want – after all, we are people, too. 

It is this passion and philosophy that drives us to deliver well-designed products to enable you in every aspect of your life; to work, to collaborate, to focus and daydream. It represents who we are: committed, dynamic and genuinely passionate about design. 

We are on a constant journey to curate the most awesome collection of products, working with some of the best designers and Brand Partners in the world.

But sometimes, finding the right product, with the perfect feature or aesthetic for the project, seems impossible.  A bespoke, locally manufactured solution is what's required.

With a willingness to help on even the smallest of projects, and the design and technical know-how to get it done, the P4 team can help you. 

A tweak here, an alteration there, or even a completely new design. 

Talk to us today and see how we can help. 

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