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Product Stewardship

Facilitating Furniture Reuse and Recycling

Furniture sustainability requires that we consider the full range of environmental impacts and issues.

Responsible life-cycle management of P4 furniture is a key part of our expanding sustainability program.

P4 is customer-focused and this extends to the environmental features in our products as well as the services we offer designers, architects and product specifiers.  P4 is attentive to the entire furniture life-cycle and the need to support our products well beyond the point of sale, delivery and warranties.

To this end, we have developed our rebirth program in conjunction with charities like The Salvation Army and The Brotherhood of St Laurence to give our furniture a social sustainability and unique second life to disadvantaged groups in our community.

rebirth provides a ‘real-world’ solution to extending product life and ensuring that furniture supplied by P4 has high potential for a second life through reuse in another context.

We go beyond the concepts of Product Stewardship and furniture recycling.  Our aim is to utilise materials, components and products efficiently and responsibly.  Product Stewardship at P4 is about environmentally sound life-cycle management.  It is much more than recycling obsolete chairs and tables.

Ultimately, where our products cannot be effectively and efficiently reused, we have arrangements in place with specialist recyclers who ensure that, where possible, our products are disassembled with a view to component recovery and/or materials recovery and recycling.

rebirth at P4 translates into positive environmental, social and economic benefits.

Our  rebirth Product Stewardship Program applies to all P4 environmentally Certified products including Ecospecifier Global GreenTag, GECA and AFRDI Green Tick. It may also be extended to other products supplied by P4 to specific projects as determined by P4.

A Product Stewardship Agreement will be established between P4 and the customer. In both cases, recovery, recycling and distribution costs may apply.

In order to maximize the efficient use of resources, it is important that clients indicate their wish to enter into a Product Stewardship agreement in the pre-tender stage of purchasing.

Product Stewardship conditions:

The conditions will generally include:

  • That the customer returns the products to our nominated Melbourne factory
  • That the products are in their original state, not changed or re-finished, and resulting only from normal wear and tear.

Please discuss your product stewardship requirements with us and we can facilitate the inclusion of this strategy into your project.


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