Furniture Solutions for Eco Sensitive Interiors

Our commitment to innovation and being industry leaders extends to environmental  care and quality as the need to maximise furniture sustainability constantly increases.  Our activities and products are being developed and re-engineered to demonstrate a higher level of environmental performance. 

We understand that the market is going through unprecedented change in terms of environmental awareness and buying behaviour.  We also recognise that there is a critical need for companies like P4 to act responsibly in an informed and robust way.

This demands that we make a successful connection between design quality, improved environmental performance and market desire.  This connection will be a key driver as we move forward in developing, implementing and refining our sustainability program.

We believe that incremental but meaningful steps towards a greener future are essential.  As a dynamic and expanding company which sources, markets and supplies furniture nationally, we are also highly creative in how we deal with the market and in particular the architecture and design community.

We choose to work with supply partners who are committed to sustainable practices, those with ISO14001 certification and products carrying European and recognised Australian accreditation as it is important for the contribution towards Greenstar, LEED & WELL.

As a result, many of our locally manufactured and finished products are certified with Global GreenTag.


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