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A look at stackable and foldable tables

Today’s new-age folding table designs offer a unique combination of pragmatism, aesthetic appeal and durability for a range of workspaces.  


Modern workplaces are no longer static. Employees today value flexibility and movement as well as the opportunity to work in more open, flexible and collaborative offices. Which is why workplace furniture is also being modelled to accommodate these agile work habits. A particularly exciting piece of design that helps support a wide range of uses and has surfaced as exceedingly popular is the stackable or folding table. From use in meeting rooms to collaboration zones to agile workspaces, the stackable table of today is both sophisticated and responsive. 

P4’s new folding table designs offer the perfect coming together of quality and strength. With products like Italian designed Tam Tam and the Danish designed Fold by 1000Dots, P4 is revolutionising what a folding table can help workplaces achieve.


Here’s a closer look.


Tam Tam

With an elegant and unique design, Tam Tam is part of the P4 Collection and works to serve a multitude of purposes within today’s workplace. The model comes equipped with large diameter lockable castors that ensure the table can be moved effortlessly between spaces. The table’s foldable nature also means that it takes up very little storage space when stowed away.


Tam Tam Product 8


Creating an impressive setting for any event, Tam Tam works well when creating a conference room or laying out a hospitality area. Select a tabletop from a range of Italian finishes or local finishes produced in Australia. Tam Tam can also be supplied with a writable gloss surface, transforming it into a whiteboard.


Tam Tam Inspire 4



Tam Tam Inspire 6



Fold by 1000Dots is yet another example of a stylish yet flexible workspace table. The innovative folding table system, designed in Denmark, compresses to a 70mm height, fitting comfortably into small and compact storage spaces. What’s more, Fold’s frame comes with an L3 approval, suggesting its ability to survive in environments with high wear and tear.


Fold Table 3



The design feels lightweight thanks to an aluminium rail which connects the two folding frame legs, making it easy for one person to move it. Since Fold is assembled and finished in Australia, designers also have the choice of selecting from a range of standard timber finishes with the added option of selecting custom colours.


 Fold 101 Inspire 2

Fold Table 4


Fold 101 Inspire 18


Both Fold and Tam Tam are available exclusively through P4 in Australia. 



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