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A New Era at Maxdesign

During the Salone del Mobile this year, Maxdesign launched a new range of chairs, designed by Swiss designer Christoph Jenni. Rather than creating a single piece, Christoph has designed a series of chairs and armchairs that work a collection with interchangeable elements. 


Max 01


This new range, titled Max, works together holistically while forming a singular archetypal language for the brand. Seeking out the ultimate in versatility, Max can be mixed and matched to create different combinations of the final product – meaning it can work in with any type of project. The ability of the range to adapt to any setting is an important approach for Maxdesign and is a hallmark of the brand. 

Max is all about lightness and practicality, it is well-proportioned while the structure and frame are integrated into its form.


Max 17


Key to the new range is its construction and materiality. Two recycled materials have been used in creating Max. Firstly, a recycled organic polypropylene and secondly an eco-friendly, recycled timber. These two materials form the shell and the base of Max.


Max 18


The sustainable approach to Max is a cornerstone of the Italian brand. The entire production of the Max range is executed sustainably and has put it at the pinnacle of what Maxdesign aspires to continue to achieve in its product development.

Max is entirely made from reclaimed materials and Maxdesign ensures that every single step taken in the production process enhances the quality and explores the potential of these raw materials.


Max color range


Creating a sustainable cycle for its product is no easy feat. Throughout this journey, there are many elements that must be considered in order to achieve the desired results. For example, the drying process, which has to take place in a controlled atmosphere to evenly remove moisture from the raw materials. Another is the fusion blend, where both plastic and wood are measured at different rates for production.


Max 19


Max is the realisation of a new era for the company, one that is exciting in its goal to change the traditional approaches of the past. As a statement from the company explains further;

“We are moving forward in the organisation of creative processes as the scale of what we are designing keeps shifting.

 “We explore new fundamental tools, human values and methods to effectively act in this ever-changing setting.”

Post Salone del Mobile, Max will enter final stages of production before being officially released at the end of June 2018.  We cannot wait to launch this collection in Australia and will have stock soon after.

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