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All The Latest From Noti at Orgatec 2018

Considering that we spend over two-thirds of our time at work, it is imperative that these spaces cater for creativity, efficiency and comfort. In an industry, driven not only by the need to set benchmarks, but also by the demands of evolving working behaviours it can be challenging to innovatively – and continuously – push forward. Untroubled by the throes of ever-changing design trends, Polish studio Noti consciously creates designs that embody function and the lifestyle needs of its anticipated users. 


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For over a decade, Noti has not only established itself as a studio that offers versatile and functional products, but is reputable for being a three-time winner of the Red Dot Design Award. Constantly sharing a common denominator of ‘good design genes’, Noti’s extensive portfolio of products comprises a modern and elegant style that is applicable to various sectors across the architecture and design landscape. By manufacturing with advanced technology, Noti consistently fabricates unique products at a high quality, often finished by hand with great attention to detail.

Along this line and having just returned with new releases at Orgatec 2018, we explore two new functional collections – MENO and SONA, along with some other recently released pieces that will be hitting Australian shores shortly.


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Sona and Meno, designed by Maja Gaszyniec, are both similar in the way that each collection offers a multitude of arrangements that can be configured to suit any project requirement.

Sona, referring to the Latin term ‘sonare’, is defined as ‘sound’. The visually light characteristic of this modular furniture system addresses essential requirements that are prevalent within waiting or casual meeting spaces. Based on eight basic frames to accommodate a continuous visual expression when paired together, Sona’s collection is suited to different spaces and functions.


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Whether in a public building, open office layout or hotel lobby, its versatile attribute comes from the option of specifying various backrest panel heights. As these panels are fastened to the back support of each sofa or armchair, shorter alternatives are ideal for public environments. Taller panels allow for additional comfort and privacy with an added benefit of controlled acoustics.


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Catering to the collaborative nature of today’s apparent working behaviours, Sona’s modules are easily reversed. Larger island seating arrangements have been designed with immense consideration to potential spatial constraints and therefore consist of two seating rows that are connected but face opposite directions. Proving that layouts can be assembled according to the specifications of each project, Sona’s products align directly with Noti’s focus on flexibility. 


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On the other hand, Meno is a set of universal acoustic solutions that disperse sound waves and reduce reverberations. With different depths and widths, products are adaptable and provide designers and users with the opportunity to form different angled arrangements. Instantly recognisable because of references to simple geometric shapes, Meno adds a creative flair in any interior setting.


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Available as a large or small panel, it is suitable to walls in contemporary offices and walls within smaller living quarters or meeting rooms. With the option to decorate panels with wooden strips or batten luminaires, the panels can elevate or add colour into any setting.



Other exciting new products from the Polish brand that were presented at the last Orgatec and will be hitting our shores soon are SoundRoom, Gap and Muse. 

SoundRoom is a series of different components that come together to create a space of zen in today's busy (and noisy) office environments. Booths, workstations with a high back, petite wall-mounted phone booths – the entire SoundRoom range comes with a distinctive ribbed felt interior. This thermo-formed polyester felt is lightweight but rigid and gives the entire SoundRoom range its distinctive character.


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Muse is a huge family of modular pieces comprising lounges, chairs, ottomans, chaises and tables of varying shapes and sizes. Despite the seeming diversity of the range, there is a notable similarity to them all. One key repeating feature is the leg shape, which is straight and direct. On the soft seating, the angular armrest and backrest makes for a striking element.


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Rounding the new offerings is Gap. Gap, designed by Design Society, brings an unusual shape with soft curves and clear gap line weaving its way around the seat and back base. This small gap adds a playful character to the range of seats, which comes in a high back, low back and couch option. This charming seat would add pizzazz to a lobby or breakout space. 


732x446 true gap noti


Noti’s wide range of textures and colours ensure that applications of Meno, Sona and SoundRoom work harmoniously with its setting. The underlying concept for the new releases stem from Noti’s belief that the future – especially within the commercial landscape – will consists of “inventive initiatives, innovative technological solutions and clever queries,” says Ryszard Balcerkiewicz, CEO of Noti.


To discover more about Noti’s newest releases in time for the new year, head on over to the brand page


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