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Blå Station hits NeoCon

Let’s face it – sitting at a desk all day can be difficult. Sometimes you need a change of space to get those creative juices flowing again. Pioneers in creating contemporary workplace furniture for the modern employee, Blå Station has the perfect solution for this. The casual and creative workspace: BOB JOB has arrived, along with BOB JOB Planner and they made a big statement at NeoCon’s Scandinavian Spaces this year.


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The design industry’s launch pad for innovation, NeoCon always inspires the creative community. The Mart in Chicago is transformed into a whimsical world filled with commercial products that shape the future of the built environment with revolutionary brands. This year was no different. For the second time, Scandinavian Spaces brightened up the 11th floor with its “Color. Design. Life.” concept.


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Following the success of the BOB Planner, it’s only natural that BOB JOB continues the story. Equipped with similar tools and technology, the BOB JOB Planner will help you create all of the formations and variants of the seating system that you could think of! Dividers, wooden shelves, tables and knobs – the opportunities are endless.

Designed to reignite your inner designer, you’re able to choose from the full library of the fabrics MainLine Flax and Rami, and with the perfect colour to match, you’re good to go. 


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Oppo also got dressed for the occasion.  See more here.


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