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Blå Station’s New BOB Job Sofa System

When Angela Ferguson of Futurespace heralded the “death of the boardroom” it really struck a note with us. In an interview for Indesign magazine, she said: “The old Mad Men-style of client engagement – in a formal room with four walls and a door and some sort of presentation screen just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

So when Blå Station launched its BOB Job sofa system at Orgatec in October last year, the growing sentiment that today’s boardroom is an agile interpretation of the traditional static space, was really confirmed for us.


bobjob frontgreen


As Blå Station says, ‘meetings don’t need conference rooms’. BOB Job is the ideal solution for what is increasingly a casual and creative working environment in most offices.

It’s the ultimate in flexible seating-and-meeting solutions, offering users a sofa system, which can be configured in every conceivable way. It can be accessorised with tables, shelves, stationery, plants – the whole lot. But most importantly, its system of partitions can be configured to allow for any number of looks and layouts.


BOB Job 3


With this flexibility comes new control, and BOB Job puts the power back in the hands of its users. It allows users to mould it to their unique needs – in every form and function.

It is also designed to respond to varying aesthetic requirements – because no one can deny the workplace’s continuous evolution towards a more softer and homey environment. Add-ons in oak, ash and stained variations, together with six different padded partitions, offer numerous combinations for creating privacy and a distinct environment within office and public spaces.


4Bob Job 008


Designers Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand are the masterminds behind this new Blå Station addition. Their working process is both fascinating and efficient – and leaves you in no doubt as to why BOB Job is such a tidy solution. “We work faster together when we can switch roles, taking turns at leaning back to take in the big picture, or immersing ourselves in the details,” they say. 


3Bob Job 020


Addressing the logistics and production handling of BOB Job they “cut and adjusted a volume in Styrofoam … until the height and depth was spot on. Then we rotated it until it fitted perfectly on a Euro pallet.” The final result is a compact volume for transport, with each module being easy to handle on site. 

“Sit on the back of the sofa, or deep down in it; you will be sitting comfortably regardless,” says Stefan.

For more information about BOB Job please contact your P4 Relationship Manager.


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