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Colour coded: True's new colour palettes

By adopting the Colour Material & Finish (CMF) methodology, True has come up with four new colour palettes, resulting in a more diversified product portfolio. 

CMF as a design discipline is inherently about creating a system of colours, materials and finishes to support the development of inspiring objects. 

Interestingly, colour has the capacity to alter and enhance the aesthetics as well as the perception of an object or the space it occupies. True’s latest palettes have been developed under the creative eye of architect Aldo Parisotto and colour designer Juliana Cortes.

The four new palettes this year include Soft Blocking, End of Absence, Seamless Integration and Organic Fragments.


colour palettes true


Soft Blocking

The soft blocking trend relies on an emotional design approach and uses pale pastel tones to lend an air of distinctiveness to its designs. Products can be seen expressing themselves through architectural shapes in varying proportions. Forms while bold appear lighter and softer thanks to the use of these muted colours with a singular pop.


soft blocking


001 True Design 02 2019 web


The End of Absence

The End of Absence is a bold retro trend that reminisces the past while also looking towards the future. The aesthetic is a combination of classic, rich base colours with gentle complementing tones. There is an interesting interplay of high-shine and hyper matte finishes, as well as graphic lines and mirror metallic finishes. The darkness of the fabrics is tempered by softer, lighter timber.


end absence


Seamless Integration

Multi-functionality is at the core of this new trend, with products exhibiting more creativity, versatility and playfulness. Smoke, carbon and roughness have inspired the textures while speckles; fine cracks, glass, natural felt and patterns help create products with a stunning hybrid aesthetic. A collection of neutrals, mahogany and auburn is rounded out with glossy glass and deep natural green and blue hues.


seamless integratino


010 True Design 02 2019 web


Organic Fragments

This design trend looks at recycling and repurposing waste into new usable materials. With sustainability big on the design agenda for brands lately, Organic Fragments seeks inspiration from local materials and craft techniques. In terms of a colour palette, there is a predominance of natural tones and raw hues, inspired by all things earthy and organic. Greens range from forests to the more olive in tone, coupled with fiery ambers and naturals.


organic fragments


With CMF, True has effortlessly fused creativity, research and production to lend something unique to its products. Discover how True’s new colour palettes can transform your spaces today. True is available exclusively through P4.



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