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Introducing Sitland

Functional, contemporary furniture with an aesthetic level to match - we’re delighted to partner with Sitland to bring their amazing collection to Australia.

Established in Vicenza in 1977 under the name Tappezzeria Veneta, Sitland has long championed the infusion of research and advanced technologies in their products, constantly striking a balance between individual needs and innovative functionality. Sitland originally manufactured upholstery for seats and sleeping cabins of trains throughout Italy before adding chairs for hairdressing salons to its production in 1982, and finally embarking on a new path into the office chair industry in 1987.

Sitland takes a holistic approach to eco-sustainable production, using circular design principles to direct their methods and standards for waste and emissions reduction. Their circular economy is driven by an assessment of the full supply chain, choosing innovative, eco-friendly materials that can meet the requirements of zero-impact production, and ensuring all components from packaging to the finished product are as recyclable as possible.

ECONA Elements

The story of Sitland is characterised by passion and commitment, creativity and research, design and technology - see some of our favourite pieces below that encapsulate this vision and keep an eye out for brand new products from Sitland in the coming weeks.




Flexibility and customisation are the key words for new spaces where connection and sharing are the main activities - a challenge for which Bomm is ideal. Bomm modules combine easily to form a vast array of configurations, suitable for anything from lounge or working areas to an informal outdoor meeting area.

The design of Bomm’s unique structure was influenced by metal pipes and scaffoldings that protect the temples under construction in the village of Bommayapalayam on the east coast of India.




Agility is at the core of the today's workplace, where the landscape should support the autonomy of employees and evolve with the people that use them. Enter Joy: an easy addition to your space with multiple uses and perfect functionality. With the stylish addition of an upholstered strap, Joy can be seamlessly moved around and adapt to the needs of the environment.




Inspired by the functionality and inherent dynamism of a skateboard, Skate has been designed to be simple and intuitive - promoting frequent individual movement throughout the day. Skate promotes physical well-being effortlessly and stimulates movement even while seated through an original, patented oscillation system allowing the seat and backrest to oscillate freely and follow the user's lead whilst always maintaining an adequate posture.

Easy height adjustment is activated by pressing any point on the patented disc under the seat, and lumbar support adjusted according to your needs by naturally moving it while seated.

Skate 5



Lido’s restrained simplicity enables infinite modularity and customisation - ideal for the current expectations of flexibility and adaptability in the workplace. A ‘cut’ detail, Lido's identifying element, allows you to seamlessly combine modules and add a range of accessories like tables, shelves, or backrests - making it the perfect solution for any space.

Lido was notably awarded the prestigious GOOD DESIGN® 2022 prize by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in collaboration with the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Lido 3

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